Singapore Noodles in Bellevue – Crossroads Mall


At Crossroads Mall in Bellevue –

Address15600 NE 8th St, Bellevue, WA 98008

There are a variety of food choices to satisfy the hungriest of crowds.
The sign outside near the entry says something about all the ethnic foods you can find. No joke, you can get Thai, Hawaiian, Mexican, Vietnamese, Indian, French and Russian to name a few.
Of course dear reader I went for spicy. Singapore Noodles level three.
The Chinese Restaurant makes it fresh. It comes with Tofu but for two dollars more you can get shrimp. The restaurateur made it fresh for me, and it had lots of veggies as well.  Piping hot.
We sat down to eat, and it was tasty and hot in temperature and spice. Note to self order level two or one next time.
Absolutely the best Singapore Noodles on the East Side.

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