The New Jersey Boardwalk

In the summertime, boardwalks are filled with visitors from all over. In the wintertime, they still provide a place for people to walk and enjoy the fresh air. Being from the East coast  myself, I love going to the Absecon boardwalk in Margate City. The boardwalk offers a variety of shops and restaurants that will keep you entertained for hours!

The iconic New Jersey boardwalk consists of 17 miles of wooden planks with the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the bay on the other. The boardwalk was completed in 1870 and has been a fixture ever since. Originally made for horse-drawn carriages, it is now used by joggers, bicyclists, and all manner of pedestrians.

NJ Boardwalk

There are many shops to see but check this one out when you go:


“When he was in his late teens, from time to time Springsteen would visit a fortune teller named Madam Marie on the Asbury Park boardwalk – allegedly it was she who told him he was going to be famous. In fact, Madam Marie was the stage name of Marie Castello, and her small booth was nicknamed The Temple of Knowledge. Springsteen would often sit outside it and, in 1973, he referenced her in his song 4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy): “Did you hear the cops finally busted Madame [sic] Marie for telling fortunes better than they do …” and she enjoyed widespread fame thereafter. Castello died in 2008 but her business continues on the boardwalk.
 4th Avenue, green space on the Boardwalk

Madame Marie


The boardwalk was a great experience because I got to see many people while being able to learn about the history of the area. It is a wonderful place for couples, friends, and families because there are so many activities to do!

NJ Boardwalk

I recommend coming out to New Jersey and checking out the boardwalk.


And if you go in the winter, then join this group:

Polar Bear




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