Duke’s Seafood, Seattle’s Most Delightful Sea-scented Food

Duke’s Seafood, Seattle’s Most Delightful Sea-scented Food


The Pacific Coast is undoubtedly an endless source of tasty sea bounties, but it takes skill to take them to the next level; it takes passion as well! Well, that’s what Duke’s Seafood brings to the table, an articulate menu of sea-scented delights to treat yourself and your loved ones with the very best the Northern sea has to offer.


We went to Duke’s In the Lincoln Square Mall in Bellevue, WA. Dinner reservations were made, and we asked to sit in Wendy’s area. Wendy saw us and called out to us. Though she wore a mask, you could tell she was smiling. She led us to our table and sat us down. She brought us water and the sourdough bread in the iconic blue checkered napkin. Our menus in front of us, we ordered our food, and it was delicious.

I asked us to tell us more about Duke, and she called Cameron over. He sat in the chair and told us this:

“The restaurant started near the Space Needle. The owner paid his employees in cash when he started. Their dishes are always fresh and healthy. They have a distinctive menu.

Duke’s has six locations, so whether you’re in bustling downtown Seattle or spending the evening at the Tacoma waterfront, you’re always near an authentic seafood feast.”

Their theme quiet and inviting in the very clean restaurant.

Let’s just say there’s something exciting to order at Duke’s for lunch and dinner, from meaty crab cakes and coconut-crusted prawns to the restaurant’s award-winning clam chowder. Of course, you can’t miss Duke’s specialties, the scallop ravioli, the “Royal Duke” barbecue burger and the fall-off-the-bone baby back ribs. There’s no doubt Dukes’ chefs can handle the most charming produce from land and sea.

Duke’s Seafood is more than extraordinary meals and excellent service; they’re legitimate ambassadors for sustainability. Wild Bill Ranninger, Duke’s corporate executive chef, knows the quality of the ingredients makes the dish. This means you can expect nothing but the finest in the region prepared masterfully for a meal to remember, and that’s every single time you pay a visit to the good folks at Duke’s.

Finally, Duke’s offers a wonderful selection of colorful cocktails, premium spirits and local wine to elevate your dining experience to celebratory experiences. For seafood in Seattle, don’t miss out on Duke’s.


Say Hi to Wendy, Cameron and the staff for us

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