8 Vegan food eateries In Palm Springs Check them out.

Palm Springs is the best place where people come to enjoy the scenic beauty; they generally enjoy cool breeze in the nights and scorching heat in the day. Whether people come to this desert to spend a week or as a second home, they  now have the best options of plant-based food! We found a few to try.

1.   Palm Greens Café

This is one of the best places to visit and experience tasty dine in. Due to covid-19 restrictions, there is no dining inside the café, but they have arranged their setup outside while taking care of all the protocols. Last but not the least, do not forget to try chef’s special Loco Moco with the scrambled tofu, home-based mushroom patty, sautéed greens, over quinoa and brown rice topped with the home-based mushroom gravy sauce.


vegan foods

2.   Nature’s Health Food Café

This is not only a café but also a store where you can easily find plant-based groceries. You can collect your order and enjoy it anywhere you want as this café has no wait staff. In this café, you must try chicken quesadilla with spinach and vegan cheese wrapped in a tortilla made of whole wheat served with a big side salad.



vegan foods

3.   Chef Tanaya’s Kitchen

This café is situated in an industrial area inside a small market, and this café is a heaven for vegan food lovers. This café also has a store to find all the plant-based desserts. The best thing here to try is the Original Tempeh burger with beautiful lettuce, caramelized onions and vegan mayo.



4.   Kreem

If you want dessert after dinner then try this place it  is famous for its ice cream, and fortunately, both non-dairy and dairy products are available. Everyone can enjoy the best taste and happiness here. You can sit outside at small tables, and the whole place is perfect for a selfie. This place is the best to taste rose-flavoured ice cream, and incredibly the rose flavour is made through vegan style.


5.   Mid Mod Café

This place is the best for the outdoor dining experience. All the dishes on the menu are very healthy, and everything here is plant-based. You can sit on the lawn, which is available at the backside of the café. You must enjoy a macrobiotic bowl that has two options either quinoa or brown rice, yam salad, black beans, seaweed salad, spicy kimchi, fermented Napa cabbage, sauteed greens, and a salty tofu-based sauce. Their facebook page says House Hunters filmed in their backyard!



6.   El Patron

This is the best place to visit any day and is a Mexican restaurant. The best thing to try here is the vegan nachos. They are a platter of cheesy tortilla chips covered in onions, beans, guacamole, peppers, jalapenos, and cauliflower.

tortilla chips



7.   Crossroads café

This café is on the way to Joshua Tree and is one of the best places to experience vegan food. They are famous for hot as hell Seitan taco, which is entirely loaded with a sweet chipotle sauce, thin slices of Seitan, jalapenos, green peppers, onions, sliced avocado and cabbage slaw.




8. Native Foods


A great all vegan/ vegetarian eatery. They are a chain! Ask them to bring one to your location.

You order at the front and the food is brought out to you. Only outdoor tables at this location. But in cooler climes it may be inside. We dined at the first location.

8 Vegan food eateries In Palm Springs Check them out.8 Vegan food eateries In Palm Springs Check them out.

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