Wine Country – Monroe County PA

Wineries in Monroe County, PA

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When you are on a trip to Monroe County or Pocono Mountain Area PA, it is mandatory to visit the Mineries. Monroe Country has the best wineries with phenomenal views and incredible wine options. It allows you to enjoy some quality time with someone special.

Let me say it again, Monroe County, PA, is famous for its wineries. . One can spend a quality weekend at wineries in Monroe Country. Go see the grapes on the vine and imbibe on a glass.  There are plenty of options at suitable luxury locations available  for relaxing.

Here we go these are the ones we found to have the best:

So let’s dive into it.


Cree wine company


Every wine lover knows that Chris Cree is the master of wine in NJ. He is also on the list of a few hundred wine masters globally. The Cree wine company is one of the famous wineries in the County with an outstanding selection of glass and wine. He has a world-class chef for making the wine, and every customer shares great reviews while leaving the Cree wine company. The location is also so lovely with the additional level of comfort. You can also enjoy your favorite food like steak and don’t miss the chance to spend quality time.


The Renegade Winery


Wine Country - Monroe County PA

It is one of the loveliest wineries in Monroe County, PA. It offers the option to taste the five wines from their menu, including the red and white summer fruits. Moreover, they also have live music to spend quality time with your company like friends or partners. The seating is perfect with the bar sitting, tables, and cough settings. You can taste your favorite wine with the game’s enjoyment and conversations.


Sorrenti Family Estate


It is the best place with beautiful grounds and plenty of space to sit and relax. The menu not only has wine but you can also enjoy different options. However, the winery is perfect regarding the environment, taste, and comfort. Their slushes are also delicious and are an ideal option for spending time with family. The food is good along with the excellent place. Once you visit the Sorrenti Family estate, you will come back to enjoy their taste and spend quality time.


Antler Ridge Winery

Wine Country - Monroe County PA

It is one of the award-winning wineries on our list that provide the planet of options in their menu list. You can enjoy the different flavors, including the sweet, semi-sweet, and fruit winners. Moreover, they also have fruit juices that are so refreshing. If you want to have the home wine, they also cater to the home winemakers and deliver quality products. The seating of Antler Ridge winery is also breathtaking to spend quality time and relax with your favorite company.

Besides Skiing and Antiquing in Monroe County, you must visit these wineries and enjoy their menus in a comfortable enviro.


Wine Country - Monroe County PA

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