The Dragon Roller Coaster in Rye NY

Beaches in the New York Area


Headed to beaches this summer?  How about taking a trip up north instead of Miami?

Rye New York is one of those quintessential small towns in New York. Situated on Long Island with houses to go ahh and ohh about. Great green lawns and tree-lined streets.


Take that drive and go to Playland. The roller coaster named Dragon Coaster is one of many thrills. BUT it is also the historic Coaster. It is a wooden roller coaster! Named the Dragon Coaster has been around since 1928 and giving thrills since then!

Go through the mouth and come out through the tail.


The Dragon Roller Coaster in Rye NY

People have been enjoying the park since it starts in 1928. Our family enjoyed the summers upstate in the 1980s. All NY’ers find a way to head to cooler areas in the summer.

There is a boardwalk to take your dog and the there areas to picnic. Playland has a pool and lakefront. Bring a bathing suit and take a dip in the Long Island Sound.


Nostalgic New York


It is the only publicly-owned amusement park in the United States The Dragon Roller Coaster in Rye NY



RYE, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — There has been a major development for the future of Playland, the country’s only government-operated amusement park.

The county executive in Westchester has agreed to turn over the management of Playland to a private company starting in 2022.




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