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These Accommodations that Are the BEST in Bora Bora

The Top 5 Overwater Bungalows in Bora Bora for 2022
We get asked all the time, after so many visits to Bora Bora and The Islands of Tahiti, which hotels and resorts are our favorites. The allure of Bora Bora’s overwater bungalows seems inevitable in these discussions. To help you plan your trip to Bora Bora, we have compiled a list of the top hotels with overwater bungalows.

Accommodations in Bora Bora that Made the Cut

The mentioned Bora Bora hotels are this year’s picks for the top five on our list. Le Meridien Bora Bora, one of our favorite hotels, is one of several that are currently undergoing comprehensive refurbishments and updates. As of the year 2021, all five of the hotels that made our list are operational and ready to accommodate guests. I’ll give you a brief rundown of the hotels and what they have to offer. Here we’ll show you some pictures and explain why we picked them specifically.

The Benefits of a Stay at an Overseas Villa

No matter how many times you’ve stayed in a tropical overwater bungalow, the soothing breezes and mesmerizing lagoon perspectives never fail to captivate.
Our Tahiti Experts, Advisors, and Consultants have been visiting French Polynesia since the nineties, but we didn’t start venturing to the South Pacific until about a decade ago. They could be the best option for you as well.

These Accommodations that Are the BEST in Bora Bora
Brown wooden house on dock

How Overseas Chalets Got Their Start

Polynesians have traditionally fished from very basic wooden shacks built on stilts. The overwater bungalow, on the other hand, is a relatively new concept, dating back only to the 1960s.
Three Californian friends created the first overwater bungalow for vacationers. Bali Hai Hotels were established by these three forward-thinking individuals. The name “Bali Hai” was taken from a popular song from the South Pacific.
The “Bali Hai Boys” created the overwater bungalow so that their hotel would stand out from the competition and draw in more customers. It didn’t take long for these thatched-roof huts on terraces to become a recognizable symbol of the hospitality of French Polynesia.
These days, overwater bungalows are a universal symbol of relaxation and luxury in the tropics. Their rising popularity can be attributed to appealing features like glass floor frames, water views, and immediate access to the water. However, they are still uncommon enough to retain their allure of enigmatic Polynesian awakening.

Bora Bora’s Best Overwater Bungalows

The following are our recommended Bora Bora overwater bungalows for the year 2022. Follow the provided links to read in-depth descriptions of each hotel that include:

Features stunning image galleries, detailed descriptions of all available rooms, restaurants, activities, spas, maps of the resort, deals, packages, and special offers, as well as related news stories, travel tips, and up-to-date health and safety measures.

5. Le Bora Bora by Pearl Resorts

Even before the renovations, we were impressed by Le Bora Bora’s genuine Polynesian ambience. Le Bora Bora now ranks among the best scores in Tahiti thanks to the extensive renovations made to its overwater bungalows. You’ll want to book your stay at the hotel ahead of time because there are only four of the alluring Pool Overwater Villas available.

4. InterContinental Bora Bora Resort & Thalasso Spa

One of our favorite spots in Bora Bora is the Thalasso. The retreat does a fantastic job of blending minimalist modern design with authentic Polynesian elements. The overwater residences are all the same square footage and design. Location within the resort or rather, of course, the outlook are the primary distinctions. Decks of the Thalasso’s overwater villas feature confidential plunge pools. If you’re a fan of plunge pools like we are, you’ve come to the right place. The private pool villas here are reasonably priced, especially in comparison to other resorts.

3. Conrad Bora Bora Nui Resort & Spa

All right, we adore The Conrad, too. You’ll feel like you’re living in one continuous indoor and outdoor area when you open the sliding glass doors that lead out to your deck. It’s been a few years, but I remember when they renovated the inside and I thought it was gorgeous. In particular, the sunsets on this side of the lagoon are unparalleled, and we cannot get enough of them. This person has hypnotic qualities. You can also enjoy fantastic snorkeling straight from your overwater condo because there is more organic coral in the area than at other Bora Bora resorts.

2. The St. Regis Bora Bora Resort

Anyone who has seen the film “Couples Retreat” will be familiar with the exotic glitz and glamour of The St. Regis Bora Bora. The atmosphere and decor are quintessential examples of a luxurious tropical retreat. My first recollections of the venue were the overwater vacation homes’ luxurious comfort and the genuine Polynesian spirit of the staff. I’ve never met a group of people warmer and inviting.

1. Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora

The iconic Four Seasons Bora Bora is indeed the “piece de resistance,” as they say in French Polynesia. As we’ve seen, choosing a clear winner among the many resorts we’ve discussed is a daunting task. Unfortunately, we had to give the Four Seasons Resort the highest level of billing because it never fails to impress us or our guests. Every time we come here, it’s challenging to find anything to complain about or change. It appears that no stone has been left unturned. Details are what set apart the good from the great, as the great Leonardo da Vinci once said.

These Accommodations that Are the BEST in Bora Bora
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