Month: January 2020

Bimini, Bahamas

Bimini Bahamas is a collection of islands located in Alice Town in the country of Bahamas. Known and famous for its exotic beaches and breathtaking sea views, Bimini has been one of the major tourist attractions in the Bahamas. For people with a passion for water sports, or love for beaches and sea views, Bimini …

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God Statue, Buffalo NY

Wandering on the land of New York City, we found this little statue known as the God Statue. It is an example of the many lorem ipsum spread all over the city. Lorem Ipsum is the graphic representation or a visual art piece of a memorable event. Many of these statues stand tall in all sorts of forms, colors, and sizes in New York City. Each one of these holds significance and relate to some older tales or memorials.

Atlas, Manhattan. NYC

Another sight in New York City that demands you to stand and stare for a while is the statue of Atlas. It stands tall in Rockefeller Center, Manhattan. It has been here since 1937 after its approval in association with the objective movement. The statue represents one of the Greek Titan and gods Atlas which …

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Amazon Spheres – Seattle WA

Amazon Spheres is a glass structure designed in the Amazon Headquarters. It is a part of the headquarters that is planted with an impressive number of 40,000 plants. It comprises of three glass domes with pentagons. The design and plants are there to give a glimpse of the real Amazon.Although the place is reserved for …

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Regrade Park, Seattle WA

Seattle WA  not only takes care of its people but also their pet dogs. Regrade Off-Leash Park is one of the few specially designed parks for dogs. In a city full of people, it is not appreciated letting pet dogs wander around the city without a leash. Therefore, the city provides the dogs an off-leash …

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