Month: November 2020

The French Don't Get Fat?

The French Don’t Get Fat?

Just the mere mention of French desserts or pastries is enough to make any sane person’s mouth water. From macaroons, and croissants, to Madeleine, and éclairs – delicious treats are synonymous with French culture. While French culture may center around their delicate pastries, and rich wines, one look at the women in France and it’s …

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The French Don't Get Fat?

Squeeze it all in One Bag.

  Tips for traveling with one bag.   When purchasing an airline ticket, depending on the type of fare, the baggage included lately is only one bag! This applies to both domestic and flights, depending on the airline, but check if you don’t believe this.   Carry heavy coats and travel with jackets, blouse.   …

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The French Don't Get Fat?

Kirkland, WA.

  Kirkland, WA, anchored at the shores of Lake Washington, embodies the spirit of the Pacific Northwest! In Kirkland, you will find all things Northwest, from Outdoor activities and vistas in its Parks and Outdoors to Fine and Casual Dining in its variety of Restaurants, Breweries and Pubs, all on the edges of Lake Washington. …

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The French Don't Get Fat?

Tips for Train Travel.

    The train is the great means of transport for all people and  especially adventurers. It does not have the speed of the plane or the flexibility that a car offers, but, it offers the traveler greater comfort. It offers the  possibility of traveling and knowing different countries at a fairly affordable price. To …

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