Month: July 2021

Chief Sealth – Chief Seattle Grave

We went to Kit sap Peninsula, we took the ferry and drove another hour to the area. The sign that shows you where to go.   The bench in the shape of the canoe   People have left blessings   Chief Seattle Graveside


As the capital of Hungary, Budapest is a city full of history, important monuments, and unmatched beauty, which is why it is highly sought after by tourists. If you have not yet been to this spectacular city or if you have already visited it but want to return and enjoy it better, this article will …


Mayan Ruins on the Hudson

Mayan Ruins on the Hudson Red Hook, New York Mayan ruins on the Hudson are located in Red Hook, New York. It’s been more than eighty years, and the ruins still stand proudly in the most unusual locality. In the mid-1800s, voyagers and explorers moving up and down the Hudson River would have perceived an …

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