Four Reasons For an Autumn Vacation in Turkey.

Golden sandy beaches, crystal clear water, and natural bays – Turkey is not only worth a visit in summer. We’ll tell you why Turkey is still really beautiful in autumn.

Good reasons for a vacation in Turkey in autumn

  • instead of summer heat, you can expect pleasantly warm temperatures
  • the beaches are no longer overcrowded, there is space, and you can relax and enjoy the peace and quiet
  • the water temperature is still as warm as in summer
  • the hotels attract with attractive off-season prices

Tips for a Turkey vacation in autumn

Panoramic bird view of Antalya and Mediterranean seacoast and beach with a paraglider, Antalya, Turkey, Autum

The culinary selection in autumn is just as colorful as the play of colors in the national parks. Then fruits and vines are in full juice, peasant festivals celebrate the success of the harvest, and the fishing boats come into the harbor with fresh catches. Moderate temperatures invite you to hike picturesque coastal paths and go on a journey through time in archaeological sites. At the same time, a diverse festival calendar attracts culturally interested guests. Regardless of whether you glide over the rocky landscape of Cappadocia in a hot air balloon, head for small Aegean islands on a boat trip, or stroll through rustling deciduous forests – the autumn months are the perfect time for a varied holiday in Turkey.

City trips to Istanbul

Blue mosque and hagia sophia ..

The metropolis on the Bosporus attracts all year round with a fascinating mix of European and Asian architecture, lively markets, and world-class museums. While the temperatures in summer reach up to 30 ° C, moderate values of 20 ° C in October ensure pleasant conditions. November is also still an option for a city trip with average temperatures of 15 ° C. And best of all: only a few holidaymakers are still on their way to the sights of Istanbul. So if you want to visit the Hagia Sophia, the imposing Galata Tower, or the Topkapi Palace without standing in line, you should arrive in autumn.

The Grand Bazaar

This pic shows A crowd of people walking inside the Spice Bazaar in Istanbul, Turkey.

With its traditional handicrafts, you can explore during this time without pushing your way through the crowds. In addition, falling visitor numbers are causing prices to tumble – this also applies to the accommodations. One of the highlights of an autumn city trip in Istanbul is a trip to the Bosporus. In October and November, the play of colors of the deciduous trees on the shore creates a romantic atmosphere and interesting photo opportunities.

Beach holidays in Antalya

Daily boat trip.

If the German outdoor swimming pools are already closed, the bathing fun on the Turkish Riviera is far from over. In October and November, daily temperatures of 21-26 ° C make Antalya the perfect place to enjoy the sun and sea. Then you have the beaches all to yourself. In addition, the water is warm enough for bathing by the end of October.

And even when it gets colder: Thanks to their picturesque natural scenery, the stretches of coast around Antalya are always worth a boat trip: for example, the deep blue shining lagoon of Ölüdeniz, the butterfly bay with its dramatically towering rocks, or the rushing Düden waterfalls, which lead directly into the sea pours out. Antalya has covered attractions ready if it does rain, such as a state-of-the-art aquarium, varied museums, and traditional Turkish baths. By the way, you don’t have to worry about your accommodation. Most of Antalya’s hotels are also open in autumn – and at bargain prices compared to the main season.

Events in autumn

National holiday celebrations and fireworks display in the Bosphorus Bridge/istanbul,Turkey

A rich calendar of festivities attracts culture lovers from all over the world to Turkey in autumn. The city of Istanbul lives up to its title as a cosmopolitan metropolis from September to November.

  • Then every two years, the International Biennale takes place with exhibitions of contemporary artists, lectures, and panel discussions. World-class musicians show their skills at the Akbank Jazz Festival, which has been taking place in the Bosporus metropolis since 1991 and lasts for 10 days.
  • In addition, the Kukla Festival, an international puppet festival with puppet performances, shadow theater, and ventriloquists, beckons in autumn.
  • If you are out and about in Turkish cities on October 29, you should not miss the Republic Day fireworks. Magnificent military parades are held in the capital Ankara during the day, and live concerts can be heard in the evenings.
  • There is also sporty action in autumn, namely at the Eurasia Marathon. This not only leads past the most important sights of Istanbul but also extends as the only marathon in the world over two continents.

Travel to Cappadocia

Hot air balloons flying in sunset sky Cappadocia, Turkey

Hardly any other region in Turkey amazes visitors as much as Cappadocia in the heart of Anatolia. Here, slab shifting and erosion created the famous fairy chimneys – rock needles that have always stimulated the imagination with their bizarre shapes. The stone giants not only look interesting, but also house homes and magnificently painted monasteries. In the cave city of Derinkuyu, the tunnels even lead 55 m down – an impressive achievement that the ancient Hittites already began. The Ihlara Valley scores with a contrast of rugged rock faces and colorful deciduous forest, picturesque views await you on a ride in a hot air balloon, and in the evening, whirling dervishes and belly dancers provide typical Anatolian entertainment.

So what makes the autumn months so perfect for a trip to Cappadocia? On the one hand, there are moderate daytime temperatures of 11-18 ° C. On the other hand, you can expect fewer visitors in October and November than in summer. This is how the unreal rocky landscape of Cappadocia unfolds its whole mystical atmosphere.



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