42 Cantina in Issaquah

42 Cantina is on Front Street in Issaquah WA


Parking can be found across the street. Or if you are lucky right in front. Behind the street there is a parking lot for all the restaurants in the area.

DH and usually find ourselves there on a Friday. Tacos as you know is one of our favs .BUT you gotta try the GUAC there. Made fresh, and they can make it vegan – one has bacon in it.  Talk about flavorful. The spicy one too is just as good.

Now speaking of spicy, they have some pickled pineapple at the bar. I had two and oh – the spice level along with the alcohol level was around a five.  Try it but have a nibble first.

We had cheese enhalidas and black bean and rice.


They have a full cocktail bar. The staff is attentive, and they are friendly and make you feel right at home.



So if you want good fresh food, good drinks and a friendly crowd go to 42 Cantina.


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