Five Best Parks in South Korea to Visit.

Five Best Parks in South Korea to Visit.

Contact with nature, lots of fun and unusual attractions: all this and much more you find in Parks in South Korea.

The country has more than 100 thousand km² for you to discover and live unforgettable moments. Not to mention the population that exceeds 51 million inhabitants and the rich and remarkable gastronomy.

So, have a look at our tips on five parks in South Korea to visit!

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List of Parks in South Korea


Five Best Parks in South Korea to Visit.

Now, yes, it’s time to get to know the best attractions in the Asian country.

And there are options for all tastes.



Parks in South Korea: Everland


Five Best Parks in South Korea to Visit.

Everland is, quite simply, South Korea’s largest amusement park.

There, you can have fun with extreme toys, for example, the T-Express (fourth largest roller coaster in the world). Also, there are a safari and water toys.

That is, it has a lot of entertainment options, doesn’t it?

Without a doubt, you will love to enjoy a beautiful, colorful, and full of joy everywhere!

Value: adults pay 56,000 WON. For children, the price is 44,000 WON.


Parks in South Korea: Seoul Children’s Grand Park


Five Best Parks in South Korea to Visit.

A mix of fun and culture, so we can sum up Seoul Children’s Grand Park.

Whether with family, friends, or alone, you can visit the local museum, go hiking amidst beautiful nature or enjoy the park’s toys. Seoul also has cultural attractions, including theater plays.

Value: Access to the park is free, but you must pay to enjoy the attractions.


Parks in South Korea: Lotte World

Five Best Parks in South Korea to Visit.


One of the fears of many tourists is to catch rainy days and thus not be able to enjoy the trip.

But in South Korea, you don’t have to be afraid. That’s because the country has Lotte World, a closed park that is also the second most visited in the country.

In its immensity, visitors are faced with an ice rink, artificial island, and even extremely chic malls and hotels. Surprising, isn’t it?

So, don’t leave this tour out of your travel itinerary!

Value: 59,000 won for adults and 47,000 won for children.


Parks in South Korea: PooPoo Land



Remember that we said that, in the selection of the best parks in South Korea, you can also find unusual points?

Well, PooPoo Land is a great example of this.

Tourists have fun with the gut maze that leads to a slide, exhibitions involving the bathroom context, explanations from the Poo Fairy about the importance of intestinal health, and much more.

Value: 9,000 won for adults and children.


Parks in South Korea: Eco Land Theme Park


Five Best Parks in South Korea to Visit.

Did you know that Eco Land Theme Park is one of the seven wonders of the world?

The title is more than deserved, after all, the place is huge and surrounded by beautiful nature.

Enjoy natural pools, train rides through the trees, incredible views with rivers and lakes, and many other attractions.

Value: 4,000 won for adults and 10,000 won for children.


Extra tips: South Korean cities for sightseeing




Did you see how many parks in South Korea are really amazing for you to visit?

But calm down, because the travel tips are not over yet.

We have separated two more suggestions of cities for you to have fun and fall in love with the country – even more.



Five Best Parks in South Korea to Visit.


Busan is the second-largest city in South Korea.

The huge buildings parallel to Gwangan Beach form a stunning view, especially at night.

Among the excellent walks are trips to the beach, the Haedong Yonggung Temple (full of Buddha statues), and the central area, which has huge restaurants, bars, and shops.




Five Best Parks in South Korea to Visit.

To rest and intensify your contact with nature, the city of Sokcho is incredible.

Parks and temples of Buddha surround it. Without a doubt, great places for you to relax and meditate.

In fact, on Mount Seoraksan, there is a very large bronze statue of Buddha – one of the main sights of Sokcho.

And if you go there in October, you can still enjoy the Sokcho Cultural Festival, with many dances, food, and entertainment in the streets.

In the travel itinerary, we suggest you enjoy the parks of the Seoul Capital.

Then, head to Busan to enjoy the days at Gwangan beach and the nights in the central area.

Finally, to relax for good, nothing better than the exuberant nature of Sokcho.

There are options for transportation by train, bus, car, or plane to get from one city to another. Train journeys are usually faster.

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