Five Essential Places in Australia

If you are really thinking of traveling through this country, be it for a long time or for a few weeks, in this article, I will make things a little easier for you by narrowing down your itinerary.

1) Daintree Rainforest

Located on the northeast coast of Queensland state, this impressive piece of Australian wilderness is often overlooked.

It is the oldest tropical forest in the world, with more than 135 million years behind it.

Also, it is the place with the greatest diversity of animals and plants on Earth.

One of the few places where you can get to see the cassowary if you are very lucky, and feel as if you are in Jurassic Park at last.

1 of the 19 sites in Australia declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

As if this were not enough, within this forest, you can find Cape Tribulation, the only space in the world where you can see 2 World Heritage Sites: this and the next place on this list.

Keep in mind that you will need to go with a good off-road vehicle if you want to explore it in its entirety.

2) Great Barrier Reef

The jewel in the crown of Australian tourism, both foreign and local.

The Mecca for scuba diving or snorkeling lovers.

With an area of ​​more than 2,200km, we are talking about the largest existing coral reef and the largest living structure in the world.

There are daily excursions from various cities on the Pacific coast, but Cairns is probably the easiest choice for its multitude of options and ease of flying.

If I could only choose 1 place to return to in this country, I am almost sure I would choose this one.

3) Whitsunday Islands

Surely you imagine Australia as a country full of paradisiacal beaches and good weather, and you are not entirely wrong.

The Whitsundays are 74 idyllic islands, largely unpopulated, located between the coast and the Great Barrier Reef.

For many, this is the area where you can find the best beaches in the country and in the world.

The beach Whitehaven is usually considered the best Australian beach.

Hamilton Island has the most luxurious hotels. These are primarily built to attract wealthy honeymooners.

If you have a limited budget, you will have to settle for visiting these islands by means of a day tour by boat.

You have several options to choose from Airlie Beach, and while none are especially cheap, it is one of the experiences worth paying money for in Australia.

4) Sydney

Sydney, NSW, Australia – November 2, 2015: Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge illuminated at dusk

You can’t have been here and say you haven’t had time to go to Sydney. And you know it.

This city is possibly the greatest symbol of the country, and that is why it is part of my 5 essential places in Australia.

The Sydney Opera House, as well as the huge Bay Bridge ( believe me when I say that it is much larger than you expect ), are reasons enough to visit it.

The good thing is that in addition to this, it has many other things to offer. To mention a few :

The Rocks. The oldest neighborhood in the city. Very cool to walk around during the market on Saturday morning.

Darling Harbor. The most touristic and beautiful port of all.

Royal Botanical Gardens. Located very close to the Opera House and with beautiful views of Sydney Harbor.

Sydney Fish Market. The third-largest fish market in the world.

Olympic Park. Built for the 2000 Olympics.

5) Blue mountains

If you can only choose one place to visit in and around Sydney, this should definitely be it.

The Blue Mountains is the quintessential Aussie natural attraction when it comes to mountain tourism.

A great argument in favor of adding this site to your itinerary is its proximity to the largest Australian city.

You can enjoy the views of its spectacular viewpoints on a full-day excursion without any problem.

Located just 50 kilometers from the city center, you even have the option of getting there by public transport.

Hop on the train to Lithgow and get off at the quaint and historic little town of Katoomba.

This should be your hub if you want to spend more than 1 or 2 days exploring the area as it deserves.

Although my personal recommendation would be to rent a car and explore them freely to your liking.

Spending the night in one of the region’s cozy motels is a pleasant experience that will also allow you to make the trip more calmly to enjoy yourself fully.



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