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5 Places to Get Mocktails

Five Spots Downtown to Get a Mocktail


Doing the Dry January, or do you prefer not to drink?

Refreshing, Delicious Flavour: Enjoy the delicious taste of mocktails without worrying about consuming alcohol. These drinks feature all the exciting flavors, such as tropical fruits, juicy citrus, and refreshing herbs so you won’t miss out on a tasty treat. You can easily customize them with your favorite ingredients to make them perfect for any occasion.

5 Places to Get Mocktails


Some places in the downtown area serve up some great mocktails.


Deep Dive

620 Lenora Street



A swanky-looking bar in the spheres. You might think you are in another city at times. Great place for photos


The Fog Room

1610 Second Avenue

Stunning views of Downtown. Make sure you have enough storage on your phone!


Navy Strength

2505 Second Avenue

A tiki bar is a reminder of an earlier time.



927 9th Avenue

Dark-red vinyl booths, a bar, and a grand piano.

5 Places to Get Mocktails


Life On Mars

722 E Pike

We are calling all Vegans! Here you can have vegan food and mocktails!



5 Places to Get Mocktails

Health Benefits: Not only are mocktails free from alcohol, but they also contain less sugar than most soft drinks or juice blends. This makes them an excellent choice for those trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle as well as those who want something better for their body.

Cost Effective: Mocktails are an economical way to enjoy something unique without buying expensive liquors or spirits. And since they’re easier to make than regular cocktails, you can whip up a batch at home that’s sure to please without breaking the bank.


So enjoy!

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