6 Facts That Will Make you Travel to Lake Baikal, Russia

Lake Baikal is give or take 25 million years old. Since its existence is known, it has never been exempt from mysticism and paranormal stories told by all those indigenous populations by nearby lands.

Wood carved animals as sacred symbols.

And it is true that its energies are perceived from the first moment its waters are sighted. Its beauty deceives in inexplicably ways. That which makes you understand the reason for so many legends and myths written around this lake.

Curious facts about Lake Baikal.

The lake is so large that it is often mistaken for a sea. Lake Baikal is the deepest is the world! It is the oldest lake globally.  And the most extensive freshwater lake by volume. Renowned for its crystal-clear waters and incomparable wildlife, the lake is under threat by pollution, poaching, and construction.

Here are 6 curious facts about Lake Baikal that will surely make you want to pack your backpack and travel to one of Russia’s most unusual landscapes.

1) Abundant:

Lake Baikal means “Rich Lake,” it is the largest and oldest freshwater lake on the planet.

They say that if the entire planet drank exclusively from its waters, it would have a capacity for more than 40 years without any shortage.

2) Health:

The Baikal water, clean and transparent, contains infinite healthy properties for our health. It can be drunk without the need to process it. Because it is rich in oxygen and without mineral salts, it is also used for healing purposes. The water in summer is usually freezing, but they say that whoever bathes in them gains 10 years of life.

3) Sacred:

It is one of the 9 sacred places in Asia. Ancient tribal and shamanic populations’ pilgrimage to its waters to make rituals and offerings evoking the energy of their spirits. Even today, these offerings continue to be made.

4) Mysterious:

The best place to enjoy Lake Baikal and channel all the energies of its waters is on the mysterious island of Oljón.

A special place away from the world, where despite the extreme temperatures, the sun is always present. Surrounded by mysticism and the indigenous sacred world, this island captivates you as soon as you arrive. They say the sun only hides for 30 days a year.

5) Individuality

Lake Baikal is spectacular every month of the year, but from January to April, the lake freezes up to 14 meters deep.

You will be able to walk on its waters and observe its cracks and a thousand shades of infinite blues and whites. A natural phenomenon unmatched in the world.

In addition, in winter, you can see the mysterious spike-shaped ice formations that form in its waters. They say that this phenomenon only occurs in this place.

6) Biodiverse

It is surprising how in waters where the temperature is extreme there can be so much biodiversity in its waters. Thousands of animals and vegetables live in them. You can enjoy diving both in winter and in summer to observe, seals, sturgeons, crabs, etc.


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