So, You Really Want To Go Away.

So, you really want to go Away.


We have brainstormed ways we can do a quick trip and stay safe. Read on dear reader, here are our best tips.


1) Bring your own reusable bottle.

When we travel, we consume a higher percentage of bottled water, and this becomes a problem for plastic pollution. Not to mention you can rinse and keep your personal bottle to yourself. Help the environment and keep safe.


2) Use of bicycles and scooters.



Cycling routes have become more available as an activity in many travel itineraries.

For example, Capitals like Paris encourage their locals and tourists to take a bike tour to enjoy the monuments in a sustainable and fun way. This way too you are not near anyone else.



3) Gastronomic tourism.



Do you also look for the typical dishes of a place when you go to visit? Tasting local products is easy to do and you can probably walk to local places.



4) Yes, you can go to the beach.


If you decide to go to  the beach, then make sure you bring your blanket and drinks and snacks.  This way you can spend time in your area away from others enjoy the waves and enjoy the sun and sand.




5) Do not disturb the animals.


Do not disturb the animals. Since the pandemic more animals have been seen in public areas. Take care not to disturb them as they are indeed still ‘wild”. Take a photo but stay safe.



6) Handmade souvenirs.



Did you know that handmade products are more ecological? If you buy this type of item as a souvenir one of your trips, you are helping the local workers and you are helping the environment.



And here is an updated list of countries where you can go :

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