Eight Spiritual Places Around the World you Should Know

The whole world is full of places that awaken something inside us and make us relax and make us closer to spirituality, some of them are human constructions, and others are simply works of nature.
Destinations considered spiritual help us connect with our inner selves, and in most people, these destinations can bring transformative experiences. The benefits of traveling to spiritual places are numerous, such as relaxation, reconnection, clarity, and detachment. Travelers who choose this type of trip are looking for a unique and lasting experience.

How about discovering a new way of traveling, knowing some spiritual places around the world? Check out our list below and be enchanted!

Santiago de Compostela, Spain

The Camino de Santiago is the most famous pilgrimage in the world. The Camino de Santiago de Compostela is listed on UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. The pilgrimage has been carried out since the Middle Ages and lasts until today. It is in Santiago de Compostela that are the remains of the apostle São Tiago.

Machu Pichu, Peru

Machu Picchu is a popular destination for travelers mainly from South America. It is one of the few places in Peru where it is possible to see the true Inca spirit without Western influences on its structures.
Machu Pichu was built in a distant and almost unreachable place; that’s why it took so long to be discovered. The mountains (Apus) that surround the place were of great religious importance to the Incas, and the stones that were placed there line up perfectly with the mountains.

Rila, Bulgaria

In Bulgaria, several places transmit a great energy force. Some very old and natural, and others built by the hands of men as sanctuaries and temples. But they both have something in common, energy. The Rila is one of these most important places in the world that houses a great spiritual force linked to nature.

Stonehenge, England

Stonehenge is one of the places that most arouse curiosity among scholars. The large stones placed in a circle for thousands of years were a place of great celebrations and festivals of ancient religions of the past. Despite being a tourist attraction today, the place is full of vibrant energy.

Bodhgaya and Rishikesh, India

India is one of the most exotic destinations in the world, it is also considered the birthplace of Eastern religions through Buddhism and Hinduism. This Asian country is a perfect destination for those looking to reconnect with spirituality through mantras, relaxation, Yoga, and meditation.
Bodhgaya is also one of the places for the pilgrimage of Buddhists from various parts of the world, as it was in Bodhgaya that Buddha achieved “enlightenment” through meditation.
In addition to Bodhgaya, another very interesting place for spiritual travelers is Rishikesh, which is considered the capital of Yoga.

Sahara Desert, Morocco

The desert has the power to open our minds and fill us with pure oxygen, a night in the Sahara desert in Morocco is one of the most sublime experiences that a traveler can have.
It all starts with the journey to the desert with a sublime silence; then, you feel the sand cover your feet as you watch the sunset between the dunes. At night, the starry sky is the most amazing sight you can have, and the feeling is as if you are immersed in your own space. In the morning, the sunrise fills you with an energy of hope and positivity.
The Sahara is full of energy and is one of the most incredible spiritual places in Africa.

House of the Virgin Mary, Turkey

This small and cozy little house built in stone is considered the last refuge of the prophet Jesus’s mother. The place is sacred to Christian pilgrims who see it as a foundation for faith and hope. Next to the house, there are water sources considered miraculous and a wall dedicated to the requests of the faithful. Casa de Maria is around nature and has renewing energy.

Mount Sinai, Egypt 

Mount Sinai is considered sacred to the three monotheistic religions. Sinai is full of desert mountains and has inexplicable energy. On Mount Sinai, the prophet Moses received the 10 divine commandments’, and God spoke to him through the burning bush. Many pilgrims from all over the world travel to Egypt to repeat the ways of the prophet.

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