Hidden Gems of New York City.

Explore some of New York’s Secret Places.

Being the most populous city in America and boasting more than 8.3 million residents, it’s no surprise that New York City is full of things to do. Whether you want to be surrounded by nature, check out the amazing shopping, or eat at new and exciting restaurants – the possibilities are endless. Not only are there many stand out, well-known attractions in New York City, there are also many hidden gems.

The Whispering Gallery located in Grand Central Station is a must-see when visiting New York City. This area located in the terminal’s dining concourse carries a very specific and unique acoustic illusion. Two individuals standing on opposite ends of this long, dommed hallway are able to hear the whispers of the person standing on the other end of the hallway. This is due to the doomed architecture and is sure to be a site worth remembering while you take in the beauty of Grand Central Station.



If you’re a fan of history, add the Smallpox Hospital on Roosevelt Island to your New York City itinerary. This abandoned hospital, located at the southern tip of Roosevelt Island was once the top center for smallpox treatment in New York City until it was forced to close down in the 1950s. Now declared a city landmark by the Landmarks Preservation Commission, you have the unique opportunity to visit the hospital and take in a piece of unique New York history.


Fans of history should also plan a trip to 520 Madison Avenue to get their fix of world history. There you’ll stumble upon a full piece of the Berlin Wall, which was originally built in Berlin in 1961 to promote division within Germany. After the citizens of Germany tore down the wall, big slabs of the pieces were shipped to historical centers around the world, with one landing in New York City.


When visiting New York City make sure to reserve a night to visit some of the most famous speakeasies in the city. During the Prohibition era, when drinking and partying were outlawed, many speakeasies popped up throughout the city to accommodate those defying the alcohol ban. The entrance to these bars are usually hidden, or not in plain sight and many speakeasies require a password for admittance. Some popular speakeasies in New York City include: Please Don’t Tell in the East Village between 1st Avenue and Avenue A, Bathtub Gin at 9th Avenue in Chelsea, and Chumley’s in West Village.

Take the number 7 train and venture out of the city to Flushing NY. There you will find the 1964 Worlds Fair buildings. Peace through Understanding was the theme. And the buildings saw about 51 million people back then. Interesting to see and take unique photos.



If you happen to be visiting New York City between March and April make sure you take a trip down to Brookfield Place in Lower Manhattan to see a glorious field of tulips comes to bloom. This hidden garden is a nice escape from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan and is sure to leave you with great memories of your visit to New York City.


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