10 Swedish Foods to Try this Season.



10 Swedish Dishes You Should Try This Christmas

Stortorget square decorated to Christmas time at night, Stockholm, Sweden.

This Christmas, indulge in the delicious, heartwarming, and Meaty Swedish dishes. These traditional dishes are perfect for filling up your Christmas table, or should we say a Julbord. With a few vegetables and more meat, you can stay true to the traditional recipe by adding a little magic of your own.

Here are ten amazing Sweden foods during Christmas you should try.

1.    Julskinka

One of the most favorite dishes for Christmas dinner is the Julskinka. It is also known as the Swedish Christmas ham. As Christmas approaches, people tend to buy the best quality of ham in advance. Although there are different ways to make this dish, the thing common in every variation is that the ham is juicy, succulent, and full of flavor and aroma. The spruce eats gives you a step-by-step recipe for making delicious Julskinka.

2.    Prinskorv

Swedish sausages are amazing. They are tasteful, juicy, and famous among kids and adults evenly. You can serve them as you want. But the most common way of eating up Prinskrov is by frying the sausage up in butter and serving it with tasteful spicy mustard. Making Prinskov is easy and you can get its recipe at cdKitchen.

3.    Köttbullar

Who hasn’t heard of Swedish meatballs? Although meatballs are a staple in Sweden, they also have a special place on the Christmas table. And what’s special about Kottbullar at Christmas is that the recipe is kept a secret. This traditional dish will give you goosebumps, literally! It is nothing like you have ever tasted before. Thanks to Allrecipes, you can try this delicious traditional dish this Christmas.

4.    Gravadlax

You might have eaten many cured salmon, but this Gravadlax is probably the best seafood dish you will eat this Christmas. As you thinly slice the best quality salmon and cure it with sugar, salt, and dill, the final product will melt in your mouth. Serve it beside a mustard and dill sauce, and you won’t stop eating it. That’s for sure! If you are looking for the recipe for this luxury food, head to Recipetineats.

Gravadlax slices with Dill, lemon and coriander


5.    Revbensspjäll

Revbensspjall is yet another meat dish that is neck in neck with the Julskinka. The best thing about this dish is the way it is prepared. This dish is prepared by cooking meat in spices for a long time. Moreover, it is also baked with more spices and soy glaze. The juiciness of the meat and the aromatic spices makes it mouth-watering and makes the mouth salivate. Enjoy it with rye bread and soya and spice dip. Weber gives you an authentic Revbensspjall recipe but beware you might have to use google translator.



6.    Janssons Frestelse


Also known as Jansson’s Temptation, this is yet another traditional Swedish dish that is very popular. Although it is a relatively simple dish, it is rich and has a unique flavor to it. The main ingredients include potatoes, onion, cream, breadcrumbs, and anchovies. BBC foods give you an insight into making this tasteful dish.

Meatballs in sweet and sour green sauce.

7.    Rödkål

On a table full of meat dishes, Rödkål is a vegetable dish that instantly catches the eye because it brings color. This humble dish is made from red cabbage and is served either sweet or sour. It provides the much-needed sour flavor that cuts through the meaty dishes. This humble dish is quite easy to make if you follow this recipe by Swedish food.

8.    Knäck

Knäck is a delicious Swedish Christmas toffee which is known to be very sweet. It is made from sugar, cream, golden syrup, and almonds. Although it has a special place on the Christmas table, and perfect for those who have a sweet tooth. Sweeten up your day with this Delicious Knack recipe by London Eats.

9.    Julgröt

Lastly, Julgröt is another dessert that has a prominent place on the Christmas table. This traditional dish is a rice pudding and has an almond cooked in it. The tradition says that whoever gets that almond in their portion will either get married or find true love in the coming year. Who knew a simple almond has the power to predict your future! Go to the spruce eats to get a detailed Julgröt recipe.

10.                       Lussekatter


Traditional Swedish and scandinavian Christmas saffron buns Lussekatter, isolated on white background, horizontal

Lussekattar is S-shaped buns that are known for their beautiful and bright yellow color. If you are thinking about where they get such a vibrant color, the reason is saffron. These buns are mildly sweet and are served alongside Mulled wine. Lussekatter is traditionally served on 13th December on St. Lucia Day. Try these saffron buns this 13th December by following a recipe by Simply recipe.


If you crave Sweden foods during Christmas, try these fantastic Swedish dishes and give your Christmas table a new feel this Holiday!


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