A Bit of All of Miami and a mention of Food

A Bit of All of Miami and a mention of FoodThey say that there are more pink flamingos made in plastic here than in any other place in the world.  Where does one find the plastic ones the most? Miami. Welcome to Miami. Or as Will Smith says: Bienvenidos a Miami. The city’s Latin roots come in handy when it comes to hospitality.


No to mention the food


A Bit of All of Miami and a mention of Food A Bit of All of Miami and a mention of Food A Bit of All of Miami and a mention of Food

Some background, the southernmost state.  The year was 1895 when the Americans realized they could go from the  intense cold.   Aha – they must move to the southern tip of Florida. And thus came up the biggest state of Florida- Miami It now  has the finest hotels of  all of America and of course the best beaches too.

They say the party never ends on the Miami beaches. Being on the southernmost tip of America, it enjoys the warm climate.  The golden sands on Miami beaches attract millions of visitors each year. If you go, you will  find yourself among a fair  number of people.  Our tip, go in the fall if you are from a cold climate. If you decide to go in the fall, you will find the beaches less crowded and the water still warm.

miamiDid you know South Florida  has the biggest of the universities? Apart from these, the place is known for its football, baseball, hockey and basketball teams. Major players of these teams come from the universities.

The beaches give ample space and opportunity for the sports enthusiasts. The beach volleyball events, as well as the water sports, are found all over the place. The clubs and small set pups provide many options for people to enjoy. The Para-sailing is also picking up at a fast pace. The water scooter is very popular among the youngsters. For the not-so-sporty types the beach is full of serene places to bask in the sunny sands.  Let’s just say the tan is lasting, and the experience is magical. The lively nightlife of the place is just electrifying and the people enjoy their lives out on the beaches in the nighttime.

Moreover, the art and culture of Miami is one of kind.  It is rich with artifacts and regional styles. For instance, pop culture has come in a big way because of many films and television filmed on and around the beaches. Regional art too is picking up its pace and the local museums and art galleries are encouraging the locals to show their talents. These art galleries to form an important part of the Miami scene.


As for food, it has wonders in store for the gourmet. The food styles expand from the continental to the seafood extravagance. The effect of the Caribbean food is too extensively seen in the menu cards. The Cuban and the Latin food are also very famous in the city. Mangoes, coconut, rice, fish, crabs and oysters all form important must try and have in the food list.

The American holiday cannot be defined without the Miami factor.  Even the hurricane and the shark threats do not falter the tourists’ faith.   Almost nobody wants to miss the chance to go to Miami, Florida.


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