A Trip Worth Taking Bragg Creek

The town of Bragg Creek is located in the Rocky Mountains of  Alberta, Canada. A thirty-minute drive from Calgary.

It has been one of the best kept secrets. The town is beautiful and the scenery enviable to all your travel friends. Not to mention your social feed. A Picturesque town.

If that does not work for you, then check out the other activities:running, bird watching, orienteering, photography, sightseeing, picnicking, kayaking, golfing, paintball, swimming, horseback riding, fishing, skating.

The  Rocky Mountains offer a good  variety of outdoor sports for any type of  visitors

A Trip Worth Taking Bragg Creek

There are many choices for dining :


Chili Club – Thai

Mountain Bistro and Pizzeria

Rockies Tavern and Grill

Ran’s Raiso – Indian

The Italian Farmhouse and Restaurant and Bar


Quite an array of places to please the palate.


And there are still ranches in the area.


A Trip Worth Taking Bragg Creek

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