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A Visit to the International Centre of Photography in New York

A Visit to the International Centre of Photography in New York City


A Visit to the International Centre of Photography in New YorkA Visit to the International Centre of Photography in New York

The International Centre of Photography in New York is one of the famous places to visit. Recently they were celebrating their 50th birthday ceremony. Plenty of curators, art historians, and high-end art pieces take part in it. Similarly, many visitors also visited the gallery, and I  was one of them.

It was a lovely gallery with Helen Levitt’s career. The new building of the International Centre of Photography is in New York. The artists and photographers go there, and they all are scrappy and entrepreneurial. Most of them are extroverts and intelligent to differentiate between art and historical pieces.

There are many ICPs exhibitions in different galleries. However, I attended two new shows. One is  A TRILLION SUNSETS, and the other is an ACTUAL SIZE. Both are in the same building, so it’s nice for me to attend. A more practical, functional, and economic environment doesn’t give it an unnatural feel.

The new building is also attractive to the viewers with its simple yet elegant design. The great artist Gensler designed the building and spent more than $60 million on it. The concise, rectangular type with the pierced metal screen increases its beauty.

The first floor of the building has a single space block to block running, similar to the front desk of a bookshop. It is so welcoming for every visitor. Keep in mind that ICP is an art gallery and works as a school. So by entering the first floor, it looks like the school building.

A Visit to the International Centre of Photography in New York

The second and third floor of the building is like the exhibition center. It has gallery spaces with an open view. These galleries are suspicious of the visitors and give an appealing look.

Now let’s talk about the exhibitions that I enjoyed. The ACTUAL SIZE is an innovative exhibition by the photographers. They show photographs of the significant and minor subjects, including the life of a flower, bust portrait, and many more. It is easy to say, but the photographs show the real challenge. The story of every picture is exciting and offers the photographer versatility.

On the other side, the A TRILLION SUNSET also explores many different topics with ubiquitous and intriguing art. The beginning of the exhibition has 350 million images, and it is a considerable amount. In other words, we can say that the A TRILLION SUNSET has an image overload, and every image contains a different subject. The viewers see the things in fragments and strike to understand the concept.

Both exhibitions in the international center of photography in New York are excellent. They are good-looking and share versatile topics. The galleries are new with suspicious looks. The ICP sets the exhibitions with contemporary art and uniquely explores plenty of issues. It shares the intelligence of the artist. Almost every magazine and TV channel covers the collections and shows how images can speak.

If we compare both shows, then one is exoteric, and the other shares great content with images. And all you photographers will enjoy this as well.


Go see for yourselves.


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