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Aruba is a safe island and an ideal place, having the best weather throughout the year. It’s the part of the so-called ABC islands where ABC is an acronym for Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao, located in the Atlantic Ocean near the hurricane belt.

Moreover, if you are going to Aruba for the first time, then it’ll be a perfect place to have fun. There are no nightclubs there, but plenty of bars for you to hang out in and listen to music. Aruba like its sister islands is known more for diving.


Of course, there are beaches to go swimming and lay on and soak up the Caribbean sun, for you There are amazing blonde beaches, breathtaking desert landscape views. There are wrecks around the island and it is known for diving in the Caribbean.

Our three day stay.

Let’s “dive” straight in!


We stayed at the Boardwalk Boutique Hotel in Noord

Their property has a pool, and they are on the beach. Free Wi-Fi, free towels and free beach chairs make this a really nice place to stay.

  1. Flamingo Beach

Aruba has one of the amazing locations not to miss, which is the flamingo beach. This is one of the only places where flamingos have a sanctuary. While you cannot pet or touch the flamingo you can be near them.  You can spend your day relaxing near the water surrounded by flamingos. Further, this island offers amazing cabanas, a spa, and many water sports near the flamingo beach.aruba

  1. Oranjestad

Oranjestad is the capital of Aruba/. Here  you can visit the Aloe Vera factory and museums and the natural bridge and California lighthouse. .Take the tour as it worth it and since you are visiting Oranjestad,  know about the culture and history within 3 hours.


  1. Natural and Wild Life-Arikok National Park

Another must see is Arikok National park. This place has burrowing owls, wild goats, bats, and a butterfly farm.

It will be a fun tour if you get a chance to see all these animals. Moreover, you don’t have to hike in the heat; the visitor center’s staff will lead you to the place where most animals hang out.

On the other hand, goats are mostly found on the eastern edge of the park. You can get incredible shots of these animals being in Aruba.


  1. Submarine Tour

If you are not a diver you can still enjoy the underwater world. The submarine tour is in Oranjestad and offers a unique experience.

L.G. Smith Boulevard 82, Oranjestad, Aruba






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