Alpaca Farms in Washington


, and now there are over 60 alpaca farms. Alpacas are mostly kept for their wool, which is fine-textured and soft enough to be comfortable against human skin. Their fur is used to make sweaters, mittens, socks and scarves and of course blankets . Some stores carry all or some of the items.


One example is the farm located in Benton City, Washington. This farm is a family-owned business with a mission to preserve and promote the well-being of its animals by providing a healthy environment and high-quality care. The animals housed here live in a spacious barn with plenty of hay for them to eat and comfortable bedding for them to sleep on at night.


Another nearer to Western WA is the Cascade Rose Alpacas


They, too, have things for sale, but more than that is the education they can provide to tell you about the farm and the animals. You can pet the alpacas, and maybe you will see a baby as well. But be careful with momma nearby.


Take a drive and look for farms that have Alpacas, and you may make a new friend. Cute isn’t s/he?



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