Amazon Policy

This policy requires that all sellers of services, and all product sellers who provide accompanying services, coordinated delivery or pickup of products at a customer’s residence, business, or other location designated by the customer (“Service Providers”), must follow certain guidelines to ensure a safe and ideal experience for customers and Service Providers. Failure to comply with this policy may result in a warning, suspension of your orders, or termination of your selling privileges.

Buyer-Seller Communication Policy

As a Service Provider, unless we inform you in writing that you are exempt from this policy, you can only contact a customer by using an Amazon communication channel such as buyer-seller messaging or an Amazon selling app. You may not use customer personal data or an Amazon communication channel to contact customers in any way for marketing or promotional purposes, or for reasons unrelated to order fulfillment.

Cancellation Policy

To ensure the best experience for customers, Amazon may deduct a $50 cancellation fee for order cancellations caused by the Service Provider. Learn more about the Cancellation Fee and how to Manage Service Orders.

Payment Acceptance Policy

As a Service Provider, you will ensure all payments (including refunds and discounts) for service and product orders and custom requests initiated through are processed through You must not solicit or request payment for additional services, products, or parts beyond those listed in the scope of work on the service detail page for the applicable service order.

If we determine that you or your personnel circumvent this policy, we may withhold any payments to you until the completion of any related investigation, or recover any amounts owed to customers or Amazon by any method provided in your seller agreement.

Unaccompanied Minors

As a Service Provider, you will never perform in-home services while an unaccompanied minor is inside the home. You will ensure that a child’s parent or guardian is present at all times.

Zero Tolerance Policy

Amazon will investigate and may immediately suspend selling privileges for Service Providers or their personnel pending our investigation of any of the following customer-reported incidents:

  • Assigning a technician to a service job, arranged product delivery or return pickup at a customer’s residence, business, or other location designated by the customer without a successful background check or any required professional license or certification.
  • Fraudulent or offensive behavior (including information on your account, communication between you and Amazon, communication between you and customers, and your behavior on the customer’s property or designated service location).
  • Illegal activity in the course of performing your services.
  • Property damage in excess of $1,000.

A technician reported or appearing to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol on the job.Visit this page to learn how to appeal the restriction or removal of your selling privileges.