An All Around View of Paris

A step-by-step guide to travel to Paris, France


Paris is one of the largest cities in Europe, is located in northern France and is crossed by the river Seine. Over time, it has earned the reputation of being the most beautiful and romantic city, which fascinates with its rich cultural heritage, museums that house important works of art, streets lined with nice cafés, but also with traditional cuisine.

The best time to visit Paris
If you plan to go on a city break in Paris, the best time for the holiday is between May and September. During the summer the temperatures are pleasant for outdoor walks, but the city is quite crowded. But if you want to benefit from reduced prices, you can plan a holiday in Paris at the beginning of autumn.

Keep in mind that Paris is still one of the most visited cities in the world, so any time you choose to travel; the city will always be full of tourists fascinated by its beauty. Here’s what you need to know if you’re going to Paris:
• Summer is the ideal time for outdoor walks, among the picturesque streets of the city, dotted with chic cafés. This is the season in which most tourists come, and accommodation prices can be quite high. However, in the summer there are many concerts and outdoor film festivals and, moreover, there is even a beach on the banks of the Seine, where you can relax in the sun. Keep in mind that July is a rainy month, so don’t forget to bring an umbrella with you.
• With the arrival of autumn, the city becomes freer, being the perfect time for a quiet vacation. Besides the many tourist attractions you can visit, autumn is the time when Paris is more romantic and colorful than ever.


Winters are not very cold in Paris, and snow is quite rare. Instead, you can expect a lot of rain, especially in December. If you want to avoid precipitation, you can plan a city break in Paris in February. At the same time, winter is the period when the Christmas Fair is organized, between December 15 and 24, and you have the opportunity to enjoy mulled wine and traditional dishes. During the spring, accommodation prices are low and even if the weather can be quite cool until May, it is still suitable for walks in parks full of colorful flowers. In spring, rains are frequent in the second half of the day, in the afternoon, especially in late spring, in May.



Gustave Eiffel’s small apartment can be seen through a window. Eiffel built himself a small place away from the crowds. Now you can have a look.

How to choose the best accommodation option in Paris
In Paris, you can find accommodation for all budgets, and usually the average price for one night’s accommodation is around 120 dollars, but you can also find hotels with rates starting from 60 dollars.
Keep in mind that, in general, hotel rooms in Paris are smaller than in other cities and can start from 12 square meters. Most of the cheap hotels are located nearby of the city, at the ends of the subway lines.

Of course, if you want to get cheap accommodation in Paris, you can look for a hotel in advance for your next vacation. During the holidays or during the Paris Fashion Festival, prices are higher than usual.

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