Bar Hopping the Gay Bars in NYC

We were in NYC and we had to go to some really hip bars. We wanted to go to Brooklyn besides going to the more famous areas. And there were some really cool places to hang out and have a beer and chat with others.

Bar hopping is a great way to see as much as possible and have as much fun as you can. Wink, Wink


Here are some of our favs.

Barracuda Lounge

This is definitely a lounge with cozy lounges. It has great drag shows  and the bartenders were attentive and friendly.

Bar Hopping the Gay Bars in NYC

The Rosemont is famous, famous.

Laid back and easy to meet people this place is in Williamsburg Brooklyn.


The Stonewall Inn

This where the birthplace of gay liberation happened. There are two bars and one dance area upstairs.


1950’s ski lodge look alike. Two fireplaces and exposed brick walls.  They have a huge patio/ garden. Open year round



This bar was established in 1864. You are in New York! It is the oldest running bar. Go for the history.  This is of course our favorite – Love history.

On April 21st 2016 this was designated a landmark area

Bar Hopping the Gay Bars in NYC

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