Be Aware of Pickpockets


The best travel destinations in the world are alike to each other in so many ways. They are visited each year by hundreds of thousands of savvy travel vacation tourists and have some of the greatest sights and experiences. Unfortunately, some of these destinations are all full of pickpockets. Pickpocketing is one of the oldest forms of theft in the world, and is rampant anywhere there are tourists to rob. Knowing that you WILL be targeted on your trip, is a good way to protect yourself.


Protect your Valuables

Thieves are usually into stealing  cash. Of course, in some cases, your passport is more valuable. The first step in thwarting attacks on your vacation is to be aware of where you place your valuables. Men even women  should never carry their wallet in their back pocket. If you must use a pocket, your front pocket is best. Another way to protect yourself is by using a money belt underneath your clothing. Stay away from keeping money in backpacks and fanny packs. Women who use purses should only carry ones that zip completely, and carry them on their shoulder with their arm over it, holding the purse in front of you. You could put the purse cross ways over your body if the strap is long enough

Don’t be the target

Pickpockets carefully choose their victims. They are looking for tourists, who are probably carrying a lot of cash and credit cards. They watch to see what you pay with and what you do with your payment method when done. Do not dress like a tourist if you can avoid it. Try to blend in with the crowed and not stand out. Pickpockets are also attracted to people who are looking lost, confused or distracted.  If lost, go to a well lit and well-traveled area and ask for help.

Try to  be as familiar as possible with your surroundings when you travel.  Before you get to your travel destination, look up what the locals and other travels say.


Be Prepared

One of the most important things about traveling on vacations is to be prepared for the worst. It is helpful to keep an accurate list of everything in your purse or wallet back at your hotel, so that should you be robbed, you can discover immediately what was taken. You should also carry emergency numbers for your credit card companies so that you may report stolen cards. It is also vital to keep copies of your passports, so that in a pinch, you have a copy of your international ID and a way to prove you are a citizen.

Remember, pickpocket thefts can happen even to the most experienced traveler on any travel vacation. It is important to be aware of these common dangers. Make sure to store your valuables in an inaccessible area. Try to blend into your surroundings so that you do not look like someone to be taken advantage of.


All the best and be safe!

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