Best travel time to Portugal

Spring and autumn are the best time to travel to Portugal. With temperatures between 18 and 25 ° C, all options are open to you. Should it be a city ​​break in Lisbon or a beach holiday in the Algarve? Read on for info on the best travel time for each vacation region in Portugal.

When is the best time to visit Portugal?

  • climate
  • Northern Portugal
  • Lisbon & surroundings
  • South Portugal & Algarve

The climate in Portugal

Although Portugal is known as a super sunny travel destination, Portugal has a temperate maritime climate. For everyone who doesn’t know what to do with this term: temperate climate means warm summers and mild winters. Basically, it is mild in Portugal all year round.

However, there are some differences within the individual regions. Depending on whether you are traveling to the north, the center, or the south of the country, you should be prepared for different temperatures. The following climate table for Portugal should serve as a rough guide.

The best time to travel to northern Portugal

The north of Portugal is considered the coldest and wettest region. In the mountainous area, there is a maritime climate with distinct seasons. That means it will be nice in summer, while winter will also be pleasantly mild.

In Porto, for example (where there are, by the way, many places worth seeing ), the thermometer climbs to an average of 20 ° C in summer, while it levels off at a comparatively warm 10 ° C in winter. The proximity to the Atlantic ensures a mild climate in the port city all year round.

Accordingly, the best time to travel to northern Portugal is all year round. If you don’t want to get wet, you might avoid the winter months, because a few more drops fall from the sky at this time. By the way, the north is perfect for a last-minute vacation to Portugal.

The best travel time for Lisbon & the surrounding area

For many vacationers in Portugal, Lisbon is usually the first stop. No wonder, because in the capital of Portugal you will find everything a vacationer’s heart desires. Architectural masterpieces, a charming old town, and wonderful beaches right in front of your nose.

Lisbon is located in the subtropical climate zone, which is why the summers are rather dry, while in the winter months, it to rain every other day. The best travel time for Lisbon & the surrounding area is from May to October. It’s wonderfully warm, and the water temperatures are perfect for hopping into the Atlantic.

The best time to travel to southern Portugal & the Algarve

Now we come to what is probably the most popular bathing region in Portugal. The Algarve is located in the south of the Iberian Peninsula. The western coastal region lies in the Mediterranean climate zone. Super warm summers and mild but rainy winters make this region a long-running favorite for summer vacationers.

Especially if you are not a fan of high humidity, you will be happy about the low humidity and the Atlantic sea breeze. The best travel time for southern Portugal & the Algarve is therefore from March to December. You can no longer go swimming in the winter months, but you can still enjoy the sun at a chilly 16 ° C.


Other popular holiday regions in Portugal are the Azores. The archipelago is located west of Portugal, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The best time to travel to the Azores is from June to October.


At this time, the temperatures are summery and warm, and there is almost no rain. Perfect for a relaxing beach vacation in Portugal.


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