Bimini, Bahamas

Bimini Bahamas is a collection of islands located in Alice Town in the country of Bahamas. Known and famous for its exotic beaches and breathtaking sea views, Bimini has been one of the major tourist attractions in the Bahamas.
For people with a passion for water sports, or love for beaches and sea views, Bimini Bahamas is a wonderful place to be. Bahamas’ tourist industry pays to focus on Bimini which is why it offers award-winning resorts. There are also a large number of sports activities provided in the land. The facilities for sports like scuba-diving, boat tours, snorkeling and so much more are offered there.
This all makes the place perfect for a relaxing and fun vacation. You could have adventures in the waters, go out and explore various lands or you could sit by the beach and simply relax.

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