Black Bottle Restaurant

DH and I have been here a few times, mainly for the adult beverage, BUT this time we went to dinner. Around 7, we went to the Black Bottle on First Avenue in Belltown. A really nice looking place with house windows so you can see inside.

We were greeted immediately by Aaron He was smiling as we came in, and he asked if we wanted to sit a the bar. We asked for seating for dinner. Arron led us to the back room, where there was a large dining room. The tables were set us for two or more, and the wall had bottle of wine behind clear glass doors. Think of a cupboard with glass doors. Rows and Rows of Wines. Presumtivey we thought we could get a wine with our dinner. But we did not :).


Jordan came over smiling and asked if we wanted a drink. Of course, we did, and we had our usual. The drinks were really good. Go see Angel he will hook you up with a cocktail or two.


Black Bottle Restaurant

Then we ordered our dinner- OH YUMMY, GO to Black bottle!

Check out our food.


Black Bottle Restaurant Black Bottle Restaurant Black Bottle Restaurant


Good Portions, right? And we had chicken and rice  It had plantains! I had this cool cheese dish and scallops. Delicious!


Great food in Belltown go check them out.


Say Hi to Jordan Charlie. Have a drink with Angel.

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