Boston, Massachusetts


Our visit to  Historical Boston Massachusetts.

We usually do guided tours in most of the cities we visit. However , we are huge history fans and this time we decided to forego our guides and do a walking tour of Boston. Getting a ma was fairly easy and as you can see the place is like an open history book. Everywhere you look was a lesson in to our nation’s past.


Boston is a modern city, yet it seems it has not forgotten its roots. The architectural maintenance is fantastic. Walking around is free and there are signs on the sides of buildings telling you where you are what is near.   Now if  you wanted you can take a boat ride to the Boston Harbor Islands and explore the fort from Civil wartimes.

Here is where we went.

This was a must-do:

The Freedom Trail

The trail is little more than two miles. Get your walking shoes on.

It connects with the historical  sites of Boston. You can download a map on your phone.  You will see Paul Revere’s house and the statue of him warning: “The British are coming”. Each spot  on the trail has its own story to tell. There are 16 stops in all. You start from the Boston Common to Paul Revere’s house, you can do the tour and learn history.


Charles River Esplanade

It stretches over a big area of 17 miles where you can bike, walk, rollerblade, and carry out various activities. There is a big playground for the kids to have fun and relax. The tourists can have free concerts during the summer. The Hatch Shell has the great iconic Boston pops concert which is held on 4th July.


Go visit the Boston Tea Party

And remember your history books where the protesters dumped tea into Boston Harbor.  All the great protests seem to originate in Boston!


The Boston Common 

Situated near the Massachusetts statehouse, Boston common was found in 1634. It is a major tourist attraction that has a history of anti-Vietnam war rallies, revolutionary war, civil rights rallies, etc. It is now owned by an NGO and has splendid walkways, statues, play areas and fountains. If you go in the winter,  enjoy ice-skating in the Frog pond.


The Boston Common has many historical monuments.  These are the Brewer Fountain, Central Burying Ground, Soldiers and sailors Monument, The Great Elm, Boston Foundation Monument, John Paul II Placard. The Boston Common forms the southern base of Beacon Hill.


Fanueil Hall

Fanueil Hall, Boston MA

The famous hall where the first citizens protested the Sugar Act and where even today politicians make speeches to implore their constituents. A must-see. There are stalls set up on the inside, and you can get your souvenir inside.


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