Can I Stay In Europe More Than 90 Days?

If you are a traveler from the United States who has no clue whether he can stay in Europe for more than 90 days or not, you have come to the right place. In this article, we have covered various laws and regulations that will help you plan your vacations in the Schengen area of Europe without deciding to go on a different route to spend those precious three months.




The Schengen

The answer to all your questions- the Schengen Agreement. This agreement allows the citizens of the United States to stay up to 90 days within the borders of the Schengen area. European leaders came up with this agreement that allowed free border crossing between 26 different nations. But you must pay attention to these words ‘only 90 days, not 3 months!’

But the confusion doesn’t end here. Many countries in the European Union that you think might be part of the Schengen area are actually not included in it and vice versa. Look at the following map for a better understanding.

The following list is sure to clear all your doubts:

  • Ireland: 90 days
  • Albania: 1 year
  • Schengen Countries (Blue & Light Blue Countries): 90 days
  • Cyprus: 90 days
  • Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania (Green Countries): 90 days
  • Ukraine: 90 days
  • Russia: Visa Required
  • United Kingdom: 6 months
  • Moldova: 90 days
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: 90 days
  • Serbia: 90 days
  • Montenegro: 90 days
  • Kosovo: 90 days
  • Macedonia: 90 days

To be precise, the 90 days mentioned above are revolving days. It means that you can not stay in the Schengen for 90 days, leave for a day to get your passport restamped, and hop back in. It’s just not possible. But rest assured, the above cheat sheet will let you visit any of the above-mentioned countries without the fear of thinking time and again when you will be kicked out. If I arrive in Germany on March 3rd, stay for 40 days, fly to Scotland for seven months and then return to the Schengen in France on October 3rd, those 40 days spent in March still count. But my new year, they won’t count. Are you getting the hang of it?

Keeping Track Of Your 90 Days

Whether you are lost in the theory as mentioned above of 90 days or simply planning on having an extended stay in Europe without losing track of the 90 days, all you need to make your life simpler and more accessible is to download an app like Schengen 90 or Schengen Calculator. Both apps are absolutely free and will help you to keep track of your trips.

I have tried my best to explain to you the science behind those 90 days in Europe. And I really hope I have answered all your queries like how can one stay in Europe so long without a visa or how can I stay in Europe for more than 90 days. However, all my advice is mainly for the citizens of the United States, and if you are from some other region, you might want to check with your government.

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