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Chicago needs no marketing, or any introduction to convince someone to go there. Boasting a reputation that extends beyond the borders of the U.S., Chicago is easily one of the world’s greatest global cities with some of the best architecture, waterfronts and cultural events that one can ever experience. To make life easier for anyone who’s visiting for the first time, or anyone who can’t make up their minds on where to start, we have come up with a list of top 5 must-do things for Chicago. Take a look:



Take a leisurely walk around Navy Pier

Navy Pier, along with its Ferris wheel, is one of the most recognizable features of Chicago’s waterfront. This will provide you with the opportunity to see all the small boutique stores, delicious restaurants, green spaces, exhibits, and historic sights as you stroll down the whole pier.

About 100 years old, it’s a great place to spend your day in Chicago. Additionally, the Navy Pier offers spectacular fireworks displays throughout summer. You may find out what their fireworks program timings are by using their website.

For an even better option, book a place at the 3 Arts Club Café. It is really breathtaking, and the meals offered there are wonderful as well.


Here is a fun fact:

The river that runs through Chicago is the Chicago River and due to locks, it does indeed flow backwards.



Discover The Bean

Among the greatest attractions to enjoy in Chicago if you like contemporary art is to go and see the Cloud Gate. “G Cloud Gate” is lovingly regarded to as “The Bean”, and it is a magnificent and spectacular reflecting sculpture created by Anish Kapoor, an Indian-British artist.


Cloud Gate is more than just a beautiful structure in Millennium Park. It has also become an iconic feature of Chicago. If you intend to escape the huge, congesting crowds in this area, come before dawn. That being said, there are other folks there who don’t pull away from the experience, and coming to see the play at any time is worth it for them.


Visit shops, restaurants, and hostels all along the Magnificent Mile

The Magnificent Mile is a collection of businesses, foreign food, live musical performances, art theaters and attractions located in the city’s central business district. It’s one of Chicago’s most-renowned neighborhoods.

With a size spanning more than 13 blocks, the Magnificent Mile is a must-see for everyone staying, visiting or even passing through Chicago, with over 270 restaurants, 450 shops, 60 hotels, and all kinds of terrific experiences.

The Talbott Hotel is a wonderful location to stay since the rooms are superb. This is another bonus since it is only a quick walk from the John Hancock Building.


Spend some time relaxing in Millennium Park.

Millennium Park is by far the most important and famous park in Chicago, situated on the shores of Lake Michigan. First constructed for the millennium, the park is also home to many annual activities. Plan ahead and review the event calendar if you’re going, as all those events are typically very intriguing.

You can even check out some cultural performances, such as a folk, world, or classical music, mostly on Great Lawn and Jay Pritzker Pavilion sections. To get you warmed up, it wouldn’t hurt to toss a baseball or two against the iconic Wrigley Field.

You should also go and see The Crown Fountain to marvel at the exciting technology, along with a good amount of waterpark-style enjoyment. One route to the bean may be found by following the promenade along the shoreline of the Chase Promenade.

Feast on Art at the Art Institute of Chicago

Situated in Grant Park, the Art Institute of Chicago is a fascinating place. This famous art museum was established in 1879 and is among the earliest (and biggest) in the whole country.

It has approximately 300,000 distinct items on display, so intend to spend many hours (or days) to see everything. That’s definitely one of the grandest activities you can possibly end up doing in Chicago if you’re a person who has a thing for art.


And if you happen to be lucky enough to be there on March 17th. You can celebrate with the city in style. Chicago has a party for the all who want to celebrate.



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