Take Your Dog – Road Trip

Here is a cool trip to take with your dog. Take him or her to pose next to a large wooden Squirrel.  Our dog was only too happy to hop into the back seat of the car. We checked the GPS and knew we could be there in under three hours.


Our drive took us past Tacoma and on to Kelso WA in Cowlitz county Next we had to find the “Nutty Narrows Bridge. And after much searching, we saw in the tree tops – the tiny bridge. There is a sign on the bridge as well. Go on Olympic way, and you can see the bridge.


There is park in too and in the park was why we brought our dog. A giant wooden carved squirrel with a nut his/ her paw sits upright.

We got out of the car and took our pup to the squirrel. He did not seem to care, so we put him next to the squirrel and took a few photos.


Afterwards, we went to see the Sacajawea statue at the start of a bridge. A beautiful area.  See our other entry.


More on why the Nutty Narrows bridge came to be:



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