Cordoba, Spain – The Most UNESCO World Heritage Sites

If you ask anyone related to the best heritage sites, then you might get the name of Paris. Because Paris has many heritage sites, but it is not under the UNESCO world heritage sites. The second name you may come to know is Rome which is also wrong. So you can clear them by claiming Cordoba, Spain, which has the most UNESCO world heritage sites than any other country.

It is not easy to come under the recognition of UNESCO as the world heritage site. It needs to have significant importance for humanity’s cultural history by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization). Cordoba, Spain, recently earned the fourth UNESCO world heritage site that officially suppresses Rome and Paris.


Moreover, this city has a considerable population that consists of 325,000 and has become the 22nd most significant Spanish city.

So let’s explore the heritage sites of Spain that attract tourists.


Mosque of Cordoba

The Mosque of Cordoba was the city first named in the UNESCO world heritage site. Historians believe that the original structure was built as the church during the sixth century.

So about one hundred years ago, the church converted into a mosque and completely changed the structure. Later, this structure changes completely, and the new building design has many horseshoe architects, domes, and eth decorative works with tiles. So it is the epitome of Moorish architecture that fascinates many visitors.

The shinning city(Medina Azhara) ruins the Moorish city and 1000 years ago built the buildings by the Muslim capital part in Spain.

Cordoba’s Patios Festival

It is not an ordinary festival that comes under the name of UNESCO world heritage site. These festival celebrations start in 1918 that happen during the first weeks of May. UNESCO didn’t have many festivals, but it is a rare celebration that is important as a world heritage site.

Many historic homes that are entirely whitewashed in Cordoba’s center open their patios for the public to visit and display floral art. So it attracts visitors from all over the world during the start of May.

Historical quarters

There are many historic quarters in the quarter part of Cordoba that attract tourists. The visitors visit these quarters during the 2 to 5 pm, so there’s a thin crowd.

The 14th-century synagogue attracts visitors along with the palace-fortress. This fortress was from the Arab time, with many flowers in the garden and a dozen churches. So these churches most belong to the 13th or 14th century.

Mercado Victoria

If you ever visit Cordoba, then don’t forget to hit the Mercado Victoria. It is an open-air food market with many dozens of stalls to serve various cousins from different regions, from Andalusian to the Argentinian. Moreover, this market is not open on weekends as I have eth local vendors, but it is worth visiting in the crowd for affordable eats.

Tourists can taste the food of different regions at a reasonable rate and also at one place. So it’s worth visiting this market to enjoy the delicious food.



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