5 Random Places to Have Fun with Family.

5 Random Places to Have Fun with Family.

Living unforgettable moments with the family is invigorating, especially when they happen during the trips we have dreamed and planned so much. With the hustle and bustle of the routine, it is not always possible to maintain good communication at home, so a trip can help in the communication and unity of everyone who participates in these moments.

So after we all get vaccinated and the like, let’s travel!


It is important to separate places that offer entertainment for all ages and tastes, such as beaches, parks and lots of fun.

To make it easier, we’ve separated a list of 5 amazing places to meet next to the people you love! Find out here!

Orlando, Florida, United States

5 Random Places to Have Fun with Family.

Surely, this is one of the favorite destinations for all people worldwide, isn’t it? Who never dreamed of visiting all those theme parks with extreme roller coasters, taking pictures with the characters from fairy tales and even the Kennedy Space Center – NASA theme park, which is close to Orlando – and seeing a spaceship close by?

To discover all the entertainment options that Orlando offers, it takes a few days in the city. The Walt Disney complex is huge and even has a bus transportation system for tourists who decide to stay there, as well as the Universal complex, which has theme parks, City Walk and hotels close to the attractions.

Gramado and Canela, Rio Grande do Sul

5 Random Places to Have Fun with Family.

A destination known for receiving tourists during the winter, Gramado, and Canela reinvent themselves annually with attractions for all seasons, becoming special places to experience unique moments.

The Caracol State Park, in Canela, is just one of the places you need to include when setting up the itinerary. With attractions for all ages, it will be difficult to choose the schedule. It is worth knowing  that the gastronomic variety found in Serra Gaúcha is mouthwatering. This scenic stretch of Mountains North of Porto Alegre. It will remind you of Swiss Villages

Valle Nevado, Chile

5 Random Places to Have Fun with Family.

The perfect place for fans of snow and cold, Valle Nevado could not be left out of our list of destinations for family travel. From the beginning of June to the end of September, winter is ideal for tourists who wish to learn to ski and ride the famous snowmen with children.

During the warm season, it is only possible to see snow on the summit of the mountains, so Valle Nevado offers panoramic tours, climbing, horseback riding, and other tourist programs for visitors.

Natal, Brazil

5 Random Places to Have Fun with Family.

The s famous city of the sun has countless beaches and lagoons of unique beauty. Buggy, camel, ATV and diving trips are also some dozens of attractions offered by the privileged region, not to mention the delicious and famous Northeastern cuisine.

Ideal for family, honeymoon couples, and a group of friends, it has tours for all tastes. Of course, we cannot fail to mention Pipa beach, located on the south coast, 94 km from the capital.

Responsible for designing the most beautiful landscapes for visitors, always having a camera ready to record each Christmas place, and unforgettable memories to keep.

Madagascar, Africa

5 Random Places to Have Fun with Family.

Everyone has seen the Madagascar movie at least once in their lives, right? In addition to all the themes of the cartoon, the island provides a surprising charm and ideal for those looking for destinations to travel with the family.

Known as the oldest island in the world and the fourth largest on the planet, Madagascar’s fauna and flora are considered the richest in the world, containing species that can only be found by those who visit the region.

To venture on the island and discover this place with such unique characteristics, it is necessary to give up grandiose hotels’ luxury and accept to live an adventure in inns that offer campsites with tents by the sea.

There are so many destinations for family travel that it is difficult to choose which one will be the first. Share this text on your social networks and ask your friends for help in deciding your first stop!


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