Do You want to know where ‘Archive 81’ was filmed?

Where is Archive 81 filmed?

Netflix’s newest horror series, Archive 81, has fans on the edge because of the immense thrill prevalent throughout the series!

The episode focuses on conservator Dan Turner (Mamoudou Athie), who tries to recover material from videotapes recorded by photojournalist Melody Pendras in 1994 throughout different timeframes (Dina Shihabi).

As the secrets behind Melody’s study into a cult group unravel, Dan begins to form an unusual bond with her that may one day allow him to rescue her from the tragedy she suffered 25 years ago.

Do You want to know where 'Archive 81' was filmed?

Archive 81 is set in New York City both in present day settings (with Dan) and for 1994 (with Melody), when she is researching a mystery cult.

The event, however, was not shot in New York and instead took place in numerous places around Pennsylvania, including on sound sets.

The program was mostly shot in and around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in Allegheny County, with a variety of locales serving as stand-ins for areas in New York.

Melody’s videos and photos were largely destroyed in a mystery fire at the Visser Apartment Building, where she was studying the occupants.

The apartment building isn’t genuine, but the outside images are from the First Avenue Lofts building at 436 First Avenue, whereas the inside is from sets created specifically for the program.

The Real Story and Motivation for Netflix’s ‘Archive 81’

The program also included a variety of locations in Millvale, such as the Mr. Smalls Theatre, where an innovative opera is shown being staged, and the Blaqk House Collections at 440 First Avenue, that was utilized as an art museum.

However, Father Russo’s church, the East Liberty Presbyterian Church, is also in Pittsburgh, but the outside view is of the city’s St. Paul’s Cathedral.


Do You want to know where 'Archive 81' was filmed?

Bernie’s Photo Center in Pittsburgh also served as a stand-in for a video equipment retail store in the horror film.

Point Park University, East Ohio Street, and The Government Center are among the other locales included in the tv show.

11 Stanwix Street

From the windows of Virgil Davenport’s workplace, which itself is located at 11 Stanwix Street, audience can spot Pittsburgh’s Steelworkers Building and PPG Place.

The Boulevard of the Allies & Point Park University

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette announced in February 2021 that filming trailers for Archive 81 were parked along the Boulevard of the Allies between Market Square and downtown’s Point Park University.

The Government Center

On Pittsburgh’s North Side, The Government Center is an independent music shop. The Archive 81 team considered shooting inside, but finally opted against it, according to TribLive. “They put up a camera track and deployed a variety of equipment,” said owner Josh Cozby. “They employed a large number of individuals.”

Cozby also said that the business was designed to resemble a 1990s New York City record store, and that the team built the mood by placing tables outdoors and using record bins with old banners in the windows. He informed customers on Instagram that the business was being utilized as a stage location prior to shooting.



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