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Do you Want to Know Where to Find Film Locations?

Find Film Locations

Prior to September 11, I discovered that shooting areas were widely accessible to the general population. For security concerns, finding them is now a bit more difficult, but not impossible! Before the Trailer, which includes an entire section of Daily Filming Locations reported by fans and PR professionals, was the finest resource I discovered. GOLD!

Other Resources for Locating Active Local Film Productions:

  • If the film needs street closures for shooting, a street closure timetable will be published in your newspaper. We want to visit central Chicago on the day when Michigan Avenue is closed, which is such a monumental undertaking that there has to be some interesting stuff to see!
  • Locate the film department in your town or region. Because movie production generates huge amounts of money for local companies, many local authorities invest money to entice Hollywood to visit their cities. The Chicago Film Department, New York Film Office, and even the Vancouver or Montana Film Agency all have web pages that promote local activities.
Find Filming Locations
Man in black t-shirt holding black video camera

Before You Go

Lucas was shot in my junior high the summers before our senior year, so I only have a little opportunity to watch movies being produced. Most importantly, I discovered that filmmaking is NOTHING like film. They repeat sequences time after time after time, and you’re sometimes forced to stand so far off from the front line that you can’t see much. Here are a few tips to make the best out of your visit:

  • Don’t forget to bring a camera with a nice zoom lens!
  • Tell your family that they won’t see much and that the emphasis should be on the whole adventure rather than seeing Hollywood actors, which is rare.
  • Most of those people in a film like Transformers 3 are created through CGI in post-production, so don’t expect to see 2 story tall animation robots wandering about your neighborhood!
  • Bring lots of food and drinks since you never know where you’ll wind up enjoying the finest view, and you can be stranded there for a long time.
  • If you have a phone and use Twitter, it’s extremely probable that you’ll be able to locate other people’s status posts that will alert you to celebrity appearances, or good action scenes. Look for clues on the ideal spot to be by searching for Transformers or the name of the movie you’re viewing.
  • Remember to bring something to sign! You don’t want to have to dig through your handbag for a receipt to acquire Shia LeBeouf’s autograph if you’re fortunate! Keep it basic and small since you’ll probably just get 30 seconds with your favorite celebrity.
  • Be adaptable – the finest sequences to see are frequently filmed at night. In addition, there are fewer onlookers. When they shot the scene when Lucas brings Maggie to the cinema, this was the situation.
  • Don’t ignore performers who play minor roles! And Be Nice!

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