Dough Zone™ Dumpling House Bellevue

If you love dumplings, then you must go to:

Dough Zone™ Dumpling House

The Menu


This place is a gem. We have been there at least three times. Each time trying something new on the menu.

When you go, say hello to Wendy. She is usually upfront and greets you in such a cheerful and upbeat manner. Wendy will grab her trusty thermometer and ask you to lean in for her to take your temperature. Sometimes it will be Jin. Either way your temperature will be taken.

Wendy will then lead you to your table and take you drink order. Now they have  Tsingtao  and Sapporo. There are NW beers as well. You will have a paper menu see above.  From there you can choose your meal.


Think of as Tapas Asian style. We ordered many dishes. Dumpling of course and two soups a pickled cucumber.  A server – Brandon came by and gave us dipping sauces. A choice between soy sauce, vinegar, sliced ginger. Our meals were ready in very little time. And a waiter – Brandon came by again to ask if we wanted another beer?

Pickled Cucumber

Chili Dumpling and Hot and Sour

Their level of attention is hard to beat. They are staffed so well.   Freddy came by to see how were doing. Tommy brought us another dish. Eden checked us too.  It seems there is someone nearby to bus the tables and take more orders etc., And they are all smiling.

Steamer with dumplings

The food is absolutely delicious!

So go and enjoy! Say hello to the waitstaff.

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