Driving Tips During the Holidays.

Driving Tips During the Holidays.

Here are some excellent tips for driving during the holiday!


First things first.

Let others know of your plans. It is best to have someone you trust know that you off on a trip, and they know if anything were to happen where to find you.

Be flexible when planning holiday travel. Thing go wrong. Weather may be a factor and plans change.  Before making the decision on when to start packing for your trip tomorrow morning or next week. You may need an extra day, depending on mother nature.



Check your car.

Your tires. Your windshield wiper fluids. Ensure you have extra blankets. Car chargers. Phone chargers.


Charge your phone.


Packing clothes

Packing your clothes yes  your usual everyday wear. But . Watch the weather reports for when you leave town. Weather in different parts of the country/ world change instantly’s notice, so plan accordingly.  Remember if you can leave before a storm is coming then that is best. A t-shirt and a sweater must haves.


Driving during the holidays:

Be aware of aggressive drivers and keep a safe distance, not tailgate. And it may seem like a good idea to tailgate while in a blizzard, but one way to do something foolish, like get stuck (in the ditch).


Be wary on the road as there are more people who have been drinking and are now behind the wheel. If you see someone who is obviously intoxicated. Stay clear.


Try some Kindness during the holidays.

Look out for others stuck in a ditch. You can call 911 and get them help.

No need to go anywhere if you feel tired. Or if there is an emergency in place.

Nothing is worth your safety or life.







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