Dry Tortugas, Florida



The Dry Tortugas is located in the extreme west end of the Florida Keys. It is the most westernmost point of the United States. The 8-mile-long island, which consists mainly of coral and limestone, was once home to a military base and features magnificent shipwreck dives and an historic lighthouse. Today, it is a National Park managed by the National Park Service and tourism has become one of their main industries.

Dry Tortugas

If you are curious how the name came about. It was from Juan Ponce de Leon’s observations of sea turtles in the area. The Dry is from the maps that indicated no freshwater in the area.


To get there you have to go to Key West and then on to Dry Tortugas by boat. The parks’ personnel – National Park Service will greet you once you arrive.

The park is about 64, 700. Most is of the area is underwater. You will see shipwrecks of more than 200 ships over the years and see coral and fishes. Go snorkel and swim, but there is no place to rent equipment or get sun block, You have to bring your own gear.


Parks only allows a few people to camp at a time. The area is small and near the Fort. They have a limit on how many days you can stay as well.  So if you want to spend the night, plan ahead


Another thing to  keep in mind,  -, the weather may be mild . However, Be aware there is a hurricane season and be mindful that this is from June until November.



Dry Tortugas

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