Eco Tourism Today

Eco tourism today

What is eco-tourism? There are several things that help define the term. There are also companies that offer eco-tours. Basically, it is traveling responsibly, reducing the traveler’s footprint and respecting both the local customs and the flora and fauna.

Eco-tourism can take place anywhere we travel. It takes a bit of research for us to set it up on our own, but it isn’t that hard. It’s as simple as choosing an airline or other mode of travel that works to reduce its carbon footprint and protect both nature and local peoples.


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Choosing a hotel is also part of eco-tourism. Of course, it’s tempting to stick with the well-known, big name hotels or resorts. Eco-tourists often frequent a locally owned hotel. This is good for the local economy. Local eateries are also favored.

There are several countries that are considered ecotourism hotspots. For divers and those who want to see pristine beaches or trek through jungles, Palau is considered one of the best. The Palau Conservation Society works hard to make sure it stays in good condition, which helps boost its spot on the top five.

There are plenty of coral reefs and lagoons in this small corner of Micronesia. Numerous areas are designated no fishing, so there’s a lot of stuff to see. This has allowed some species of endangered fish and other wildlife to make a return.

Norway is also high on the list. The fjords have been protected by the Norwegian government and the local peoples. If you are an active person, there is plenty of hiking and biking. Those who require a more sedentary approach to travel may enjoy miles of travel on the water.

While enjoying this scenic wonder, there are numerous tiny fishing villages along the shores. These provide tourists an opportunity to see how life has been for hundreds of years in the past. It is also a way to help the local economy.




Costa Rica practically screams for ecotourism. When most folks think of black sand beaches, their minds go to Hawaii, but Costa Rica has its share. There are many adventures that folks can go on when visiting the island. Wildlife abounds and there are some great rapids on the rivers.


If you want to see India the way it was before it became an industrial country, head for Kerala. It is found in the southwest corner of the subcontinent, and still has virgin forests. It also has about a quarter of the native plant species, which number around ten thousand.

Kenya rounds out the top five eco-tourist hotspots. It’s not just the Savannah, there are mountains, lakes, beaches and deserts in this country, offering unspoiled nature for all to see.

Ecotourism doesn’t have to be difficult, tiring and hard work. It can be fun, restful and peaceful as well. Even if you are traveling domestically or for business, a little research, and you can be an eco-traveler.


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