Lunenburg and Vicinity Beach Holiday

Beautiful Lunenburg is only 4 square km or 48 blocks and has just 2,263 permanent residents. Lunenburg is widely touted as one of the most fascinating towns. Lunenburg is one of only two Urban UNESCO sites in North America. All 48 blocks became part of UNESCO in 1995. When it comes to Lunenburg, taking a lot of photos should be at the top of your list.

Every block in Lunenburg is colorful and stunning. Each house is its own delicately chosen color – from pastels to brights. Much of Luneburg’s architecture’s unique and quirky look is because so many shipbuilders lived in Lunenburg and used their skills to homes.

There are few things that make a vacation superb in Lunenburg. Whether you prefer to have a margarita at the trendy bar or read a good book by the sea, this trip will be the ideal time to make your dreams come true. Some choose to stay near Bayswater Beach Provincial Park, just 25 km (16 miles) from downtown. However, there are also plenty of offers for Lunenburg (and the surrounding area) within walking distance of Hirtle Beach or Rissers Beach Provincial Park, two great options.

Everything you need to know for a trip to Lunenburg (and vicinity)

  • Opt for one of our beach hotels in Lunenburg (and vicinity) and delight in this destination. Walk along the shore and admire beautiful sunsets just steps from your door.
  • Lunenburg (and vicinity) also has a variety of vacation homes. Mahone Bay Beach House and Spectacular Ocean Front Home Historically Decorated on Mason’s Pond are very popular with people visiting this destination, and their services and facilities are worth checking out.
  • Lunenburg (and vicinity) is a good place to explore as per travel experts. Of course, no advice compares with information from local people. With a population of 2,100, you will surely meet some people who may share a secret of the place with you.
  • If you enjoy an outdoor experience, Lunenburg is made for you with beaches and a broad range of outdoor ventures.

What’s the best way to save time and money on your Lunenburg Trip?

It’s so easy to save with our Lunenburg (and vicinity) vacation packages. Bundle your hotel, flights, and extras (like tours and activities) and save by buying everything together. With over 500 airline partners and over 1,000,000 locations around the world to choose from, your options are nearly limitless! And furthermore, most reservations are free of cancellation fees if your plans suddenly change.

 Popular  accommodations for a trip to Lunenburg (and vicinity)?

With so many amazing vacation homes and cottages to choose from, visitors to Lunenburg (and the surrounding area) have plenty of options. They are undoubtedly two of the most reserved accommodations. However, if you prefer, you can opt for bed and breakfast and apartments.

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