Snorkel and Enjoy the History of Saventa Aruba

Looking for a tropical paradise? Savaneta might be the perfect place for you. Featuring small boutique hotels and vacation rentals, this island is perfect for those who are looking for tranquility in the midst of nature. Take a dip in its many crystal-clear beaches and enjoy staying in contact with your favorite people through WiFi connection while enjoying the ocean breeze!

the History of Saventa Aruba


The History of Saventa Aruba

Saventa is a very small town located on the southwestern coast of Aruba. The settlement includes several cas di tortos (mud huts), a Roman Catholic church, and the oldest house in Aruba, which dates back some 150 years, you can still see it. Saventa was also Aruba’s first capital.



Located on the western tip of the island and named for an abundance of salt marshes, Savaneta is also home to the Roly Bislick Olympic Pool complex. This facility is the training ground for Aruba’s elite swimmers and synchronized swimmers and is host to many international competitions.

The Marine Barracks Savaneta also are based here, housing the Royal Netherlands Navy, the Netherlands Marine Corps, the Netherlands Coastguard, and the Aruban Military.


Don’t miss the beach!


The beauty of Mangel Halto Beach in Savaneta can only be truly appreciated when you are standing on it. There is a crispness to the windswept sand and a feeling of peace that comes from the gentle waves lapping against the shore at this beautiful beach. Whether you choose to walk along the shore or relax on your towel, Savaneta’s Mangel Halto Beach offers a tranquil experience for all who visit.

the History of Saventa Aruba

A vacation like no other, history and beaches!








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