Everyday French Phrases That You Must Know.

Before you think to travel to Paris, Switzerland, Bordeaux or Quebec, or any other place where French is widely spoken you fully  need to learn some  basic French phrases. If you want to avoid downloading apps or take class to learn French. Then these few phrases will might have you confident you know what you are doing  Without these common sentences and words, you just  be lost and frustrated.

These  sentences and words  are the ones you will probably  daily.  So read on and try to remember. An easy way is to say it a few times each day. french dictionary

1. Most common words in French (and any other foreign language)


1 – Yes = Oui
2 – No = Non
3 ñ Ok = D’accord (Note that French say OK as well!)
4 ñ Why = Pourquoi
5 ñ Where = Ou
6 ñ How = Comment
7 ñ Thanks = Merci
8 ñ How much = Combien
9 ñ Hotel = Hotel
10 ñ Room = Chambre

2. Three Must-Know French Phrases


These are four sentences that you will use every single day.

1 – Good Morning! How are you? = Bonjour! Comment allez ñ vous?

2 – I’m fine, thank you = Je vais bien, merci.

3 ñ Do you speak French? = Parlez-vous Français?

4 ñ Where are you from? = De quel pays venez vous?

Now, wasn’t that easy? Basic French Phrases to carry you through.

If by chance you can find a  native French native speaker – then that is your best option. But there are many videos and apps to help along.

french dictionary

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