Fan Of Yellowstone? Here is Where it was Filmed

Are you a Fan ‘Of Yellowstone’? Here’s what you need to know about the iconic Real-Life Dutton Ranch

There are a plethora of reasons to enjoy Yellowstone. The intense drama, intricate romances, and star-studded ensemble led by Hollywood superstar Kevin Costner keep the audience glued to the Paramount Network series. If the continuous battle and outstanding performances would not be enough to entice viewers, Yellowstone’s breathtaking environment could certainly do the trick.

The amazing setting of Dutton Ranch, along with expansive fields, overhanging mountains, as well as the ranch’s characteristic cottages, serves as the ideal background for this western drama. So, where did Yellowstone get its inspiration from, and does it appear just like this in reality? Yes, absolutely!

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Where is Yellowstone filmed?

Most of Yellowstone’s segments feature stunning vistas of the wilderness, with all of the original landscape being 100% accurate. As per The Salt Lake Tribune, upwards of 20 sites around Utah were used to film 70-75 percent of the first 3 seasons of the show as a result of the state government’s film promotion program.

According to Marshall Moore, Vice Chairman of Utah Film Studios, “This was the biggest show ever to have been in the state of Utah.” Park City, Ogden, and Spanish Fork were the main cities where filming occurred.

Does Dutton Ranch exist in real life?

The team of The Yellowstone now devotes the vast majority of its time

Fan Of Yellowstone? Here is Where it was Filmed
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in  Montana, filming on a real-life property in the region where the drama is set. The magnificent log cabin of the Dutton household is truly a 5,000-square-foot home on Chief Joseph Ranch located in Darby, Montana. It’s a real functioning livestock ranching and family house, much like it is on TV—and it’s just lovely.

The proprietors of the 2,500-acre estate lease out a few of the cottages on the site to guests when the Yellowstone crew is not shooting. Guests may go fishing, horse riding, or trekking in the gorgeous hills in the region (They can fantasize about meeting  Kevin Costner)

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Almost All of Season 4 was Filmed in Montana

Season 4 brought a lot of fresh drama to the table, but you certainly didn’t even realize the shift in setting from the previous 3 seasons. The Salt Lake Tribune reports that the forthcoming edition was shot almost entirely in Montana. The choice to halt filming in Utah was mostly based on economic considerations since the state’s reduced tax reward scheme would not offer [the production] with much the same refunds as before.


Yellowstone will be more realistic than it has ever been much before just more beautiful—now that the majority of the production is actually occurring in Montana.

The Actors and Staff of Yellowstone were Observed in Texas as well.

Yellowstone lovers in Texas received a once-in-a-lifetime treat when the actors and team of the tv series visited their little town Granbury to film at a local café. Apart from that, the series was also filmed at Amarillo and Guthrie in Texas during season 4.

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