Five Days in New Orleans, A Quick Guide to the Crescent City

Five Days in New Orleans, A Quick Guide to the Crescent City

New Orleans has something for everyone.   New Orleans might be known for the colorful Mardi gras, and the energetic Bourbon Street, where non-stop partying is a given. Still, the city has an immense historical significance, impressive architecture, delectable gastronomy and an array of experiences for every type of traveler. Five Days in New Orleans, A Quick Guide to the Crescent City Here’s what you can do during a five-day trip to New Orleans, or as locals call it, ‘The Big Easy.’ Get ready, because this one is quite a ride!  

Day One, Getting Settled

  Day one is all about getting settled, finding your hotel and taking a shower before exploring the city. Since there are plenty of lodging options around New Orleans, take your time to get to know the neighborhood. Ask around and have a meal in a local eatery near you.   After a quick meal, find the closest bus station to ride the streetcar that runs along St. Charles Avenue from the Old Quarter to Audubon Park. The green streetcar has been running since 1835, and it’s great for getting a sense of the city.   After a quick tour around the city center, spend the evening at Bourbon Street; you know you want to experience the most vibrant night scene in the country!  

Day Two, the Garden District

  We hope you didn’t have too much to drink because today is all about historical architecture. The Garden District has some of the best-preserved historic mansions in the country, and the district lives to its name – each house was initially planned to have an extensive garden around it. Some still do!   Enjoy a soothing walk through this gorgeous neighborhood, and once you’re hungry, head to the Commander’s Palace. Founded in 1880, this is one of the most famous restaurants in the city. Get ready for quite a meal! Try the Creole Gumbo or the Louisiana crawfish tossed with creamy linguini.  

Day Three, Audubon Park

  The municipal park in Uptown New Orleans is near the Garden District, so you know the way. This lovely recreation spot is an oasis between the busy streets of New Orleans. If you feel like going jogging, this is the spot, or sit to admire the diverse lagoons while watching people walk by. Walk around the 350-acre park and while you’re in the neighborhood, have lunch at Tartine just a few blocks to the west across Broadway Street.   Spend the rest of the day visiting the Audubon Zoo and Aquarium; they’re worth your time. Named after 19th-century naturalist John James Audubon, it’s only natural to see plenty of wildlife calling the park home.  

Day Four, New Orleans Ghosts and the French Quarter

  If you’re a thrill-seeker or a history buff, then you want to explore New Orleans’s darkest side. There are at least half a dozen ghost tours you can take to explore some of the most haunted yet beautiful manors in town. There’s even a voodoo tour, a window to an extraordinary world we know little off. African traditions play a significant role in New Orleans.   After a hearty lunch, visit the St. Louis Cemetery in the French Quarter, not for the spooks but for the marvelous marble chambers and the intriguing history going back for centuries. More than a thrill, this is an inspiring experience.   If you’re not feeling like ghost hunting, spend day four exploring the exquisite French Quarter. Dining options abound! Five Days in New Orleans, A Quick Guide to the Crescent City

Day Five, Sit Back and Relax

  New Orleans wouldn’t be the same without music, so today we’re visiting the Jazz Museum, a historical site in its own right and a great way to meet the city’s greatest honky-tonk musicians.   End your trip to New Orleans with a dining experience with live jazz music on a steamboat cruise along the Mississippi River. This is an experience foodie, history lovers, boat enthusiasts and jazz fanatics will remember for a long time.   That’s New Orleans in five days. You’ll surely agree the city has something for everyone, which means five days will never be enough to see it all. Chances are you’ll love the Crescent City so much you’ll want to move in! Come spend the holidays and you’ll see what we mean.     Oh and you must got to Napoleon’s Itch in Bourbon Orleans Hotel. A bit of history:
Once a high-society ballroom and later a convent, the Bourbon Orleans has centuries of stories to tell.
Five Days in New Orleans, A Quick Guide to the Crescent City
It is one of the best gay nightclubs and has amazing people watching and drinks   Jazz Festival Lineup 2022


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