Five of the World’s Most Haunted Bars

If you are amongst those who believe in spiritual entities, you have come to the right place. As the famous author of The Ghost Photographer says, ‘ghosts and other spiritual entities are hundred percent real.’

I am pretty sure that you have read all about the remotest bars in the world, or the most expensive bars, but have you ever thought about the world’s most haunted bars? From Australia to The United States of America, many bars have regulars who never seem to leave, even after thousands of years. Such haunted bars claim to be the home of a large number of spirits and ghosts.

Whether you are searching for fun places to have a drink or are actually into ghosts and spirits, this might just be the article for you. So, without further ado, let’s dove into five of the most haunted bars in the world.

Shaker’s Cigar Bar, Milwaukee, WI

One of the most haunting facts about this place is that it was built on a cemetery. And this fact might be enough for the weak-hearted. Built in 1894 and owned by Al Capone’s crime group in 1924, Shaker’s Cigar bar has its fair share of supernatural and paranormal activities.

This bar has also been featured on the Netflix series Dark Tourist. If ghosts aren’t for you, you must check their menu list, ranging from filet mignon to mouth-watering pizza.

The Mermaid Inn, Rye, England

The owners of The Mermaid Inn claim that they have hosted travelers for more than six hundred years now. It is because of their hospitality that some of them never left. The place has not only served as a stage for Lord Chamberlain’s Men to perform but also as a hideout during the Reformation period.

Most notable, the mermaid inn has served as a headquarter for the infamous Hawkhurst Gang. These smugglers make the history of the inn rich in paranormal activities- says the owner of the inn, Judith Blincow.

John Kavanagh or The Gravediggers, Dublin, Ireland

Since this pub shares its wall with a historic graveyard, it is a famous spot for mourners on their way back from funerals. Like other bars on this list, this pub has also been reported with some ghostly run-runs. Some visitors have even claimed to have seen a man dressed in tweed before fading away. Whether you are interested in seeing ghosts or just want to have a nice  “Irish Spring Roll,” this might just be the place for you.

Bushwakker Brewpub, Regina, Canada

According to the history of this place, it stands on a site where the country’s worst tornado killed 28 people. In addition to this, the brewpub’s owner, Michael Gaetz, says that once he was pushed from behind until he fell. Later he found a red mark on his back which raised suspicion of ghostly activity.

The Hero of Waterloo, Sydney, Australia

This bar is believed to have a rather dark and haunted history. The pub originally was a place for whaling merchants and ships, but some of the men who went into this pub disappeared. In addition to this, it is said that many a time, classical piano music has been heard from the inside of the bar. When people investigate, no one is ever seen inside.

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